Helicopter and Aircraft Weapon Systems


FN Herstal provides integrated airborne weapon systems with unprecedented and unequalled firing capabilities for multi-role helicopters and subsonic aircraft while maintaining simplicity of use and crew safety.

Taking advantage of its century-long firearms expertise, FN Herstal designs, develops and manufactures fully integrated airborne weapon systems equipped with combat proven, single-barrel automatic machine guns that offer reliability, accuracy, simplicity and safety.

FN Herstal's integrated airborne weapon systems include crew-served or axially mounted machine guns, rocket launchers and a complete range of ammunition.

More than just selling weapon systems, FN Herstal develops the complete integration of the system together with the helicopter manufacturer or directly with the end user. The company supervises the installation of all its products and provides operator training as well as a high-quality after-sales service to meet our customers' requirements.

For 120 years, FN Herstal has successfully equipped generations of soldiers, airmen and marines. Its solid reputation can be attributed to its rigorous professional ethics, ongoing effort to achieve foremost quality, and commitment to efficient service and outstanding customer support. Every weapon FN Herstal builds proudly bears the FN Herstal oval, a mark that represents more than a century of experience making the finest weapons in the world.

FN airborne pintle weapon systems

FN Herstal's airborne pintle mounted weapon systems are fully mechanical and do not require any electrical power, making firing possible even if the carrier faces problems. They can integrate two different weapons, either a .50 cal or 7.62 cal FN machine gun.

FN airborne pintle mounted systems can be window-, door- or ramp positioned and offer the following:

  • A .50 cal FN M3M / GAU-21 machine gun for outstanding firepower (1,100 rounds per minute) or a 7.62mm cal FN MAG 58M machine gun
  • A soft mount for recoil attenuation and wide angle of operation
  • Outstanding balance of the system for perfect firing accuracy
  • Open bolt firing mode machine gun for full safety and reliability
  • Lightweight and fully mechanical system

FN airborne podded weapon systems

FN airborne podded systems are self-contained and present an all-in-one concept including a .50 cal FN M3P machine gun (1,100 rounds per minute), ammunition box,firing actuator and cocking device in one single casing, ensuring optimum performance in
difficult operational conditions, such as sandy or dusty environment. An optional configuration is available with three additional rockets providing extra firepower.

FN airborne podded mounted systems feature a fit and plug concept through 14in Nato standard lugs, for easy and quick adjustment of the helicopter configuration depending on the mission.

FN Herstal offers the three following models:

  • FN HMP250 featuring a .50 cal FN M3P machine gun, a 250-round ammunition box, and a links and cases collector
  • FN HMP400 featuring a .50 cal FN M3P machine gun, a 400-round ammunition box capacity, and a links or links and cases collector
  • RMP featuring a .50 cal M3P machine gun, a 250-round ammunition box capacity, three rocket launcher tubes (for 2.75in-70mm rockets) and a links collector

To date, FN Herstal airborne weapon systems have been selected to equip more than 2,800 helicopters and subsonic aircraft worldwide. FN Herstal is also a market leader in the supply of small arms.

FN range of small caliber ammunition

FN Herstal manufactures and provides a full range of small caliber ammunition, including the .50 cal APEI (stands for Armour-Piercing Explosive Incendiary).

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Integrated Weaponry for Aircraft, from Airborne Pintle Weapon Systems 17 August 2015 For more than a century, FN Herstal has designed and manufactured small calibre weapons and ammunition adopted by a large number of countries worldwide.