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Helicopter and Aircraft Weapon Systems

FN Herstal provides airborne systems with unprecedented and unequalled firing capabilities for multi-role helicopters and subsonic aircraft while maintaining simplicity of use and crew safety.

Voie de Liege,
33-B 4040 Herstal,

FN Herstal provides integrated airborne weapon systems with unprecedented and unequalled firing capabilities for multi-role helicopters and subsonic aircraft while maintaining simplicity of use and crew safety.

Taking advantage of its century-long firearms expertise, FN Herstal designs, develops and manufactures fully integrated airborne weapon systems equipped with combat proven, single-barrel automatic machine guns that offer reliability, accuracy, simplicity and safety.

FN Herstal’s integrated airborne weapon systems include crew-served or axially mounted machine guns, rocket launchers and a complete range of ammunition.

More than just selling weapon systems, FN Herstal develops the complete integration of the system together with the helicopter manufacturer or directly with the end user. The company supervises the installation of all its products and provides operator training as well as a high-quality after-sales service to meet our customers’ requirements.

FN LWP (Light Window Pintle), including a 7.62mm cal FN MAG 58M and a light pintle head. Shown here on EC725 (Eurocopter). © FN Herstal.
FN LDP Turning (Light Door Pintle Turning), including a 7.62mm cal FN MAG 58M and a light pintle head. Shown here on Superpuma (Eurocopter). © FN Herstal.
FN MDP Turning (Medium Door Pintle Turning), including a .50 cal FN M3M (GAU-21) and a medium pintle head. Shown here on S70-i (Sikorsky). © FN Herstal.
FN MDP Turning (Medium Door Pintle Turning) – including a .50 cal FN M3M (GAU-21) and a turning arm new generation allowing the system to be stowed inside with the cabin door closed. © FN Herstal.
FN MRP (Medium Ramp Pintle), including a .50 cal FN M3M (GAU-21) and a medium pintle head. Shown here on CH-53 (Sikorsky). © FN Herstal.
FN HMP400 (Heavy Machine Gun Pod), including a .50 cal FN M3P and a 400-round ammunition box, and FN RMP (Rocket Machine Gun Pod), including a .50 cal FN M3P, a 250-round ammunition box and 3 2.75in rockets. Shown here on AW101 (AgustaWestland). © FN Herstal.
FN HMP400 Pods, including each a .50 cal FN M3P and a 400-round ammunition box. Shown here on Tiger (Eurocopter). © FN Herstal.
FN RMP (Heavy Machine Gun Pod), including a .50cal FN M3P and a 400-round ammunition box. © FN Herstal.
FN .50 M3P open air machine gun pod, shown here on OH-58D (Kiowa Warrior). © FN Herstal.

For 120 years, FN Herstal has successfully equipped generations of soldiers, airmen and marines. Its solid reputation can be attributed to its rigorous professional ethics, ongoing effort to achieve foremost quality, and commitment to efficient service and outstanding customer support. Every weapon FN Herstal builds proudly bears the FN Herstal oval, a mark that represents more than a century of experience making the finest weapons in the world.

FN airborne pintle weapon systems

FN Herstal’s airborne pintle mounted weapon systems are fully mechanical and do not require any electrical power, making firing possible even if the carrier faces problems. They can integrate two different weapons, either a .50 cal or 7.62 cal FN machine gun.

FN airborne pintle mounted systems can be window-, door- or ramp positioned and offer the following:

  • A .50 cal FN M3M / GAU-21 machine gun for outstanding firepower (1,100 rounds per minute) or a 7.62mm cal FN MAG 58M machine gun
  • A soft mount for recoil attenuation and wide angle of operation
  • Outstanding balance of the system for perfect firing accuracy
  • Open bolt firing mode machine gun for full safety and reliability
  • Lightweight and fully mechanical system

FN airborne podded weapon systems

FN airborne podded systems are self-contained and present an all-in-one concept including a .50 cal FN M3P machine gun (1,100 rounds per minute), ammunition box,firing actuator and cocking device in one single casing, ensuring optimum performance in difficult operational conditions, such as sandy or dusty environment. An optional configuration is available with three additional rockets providing extra firepower.

FN airborne podded mounted systems feature a fit and plug concept through 14in Nato standard lugs, for easy and quick adjustment of the helicopter configuration depending on the mission.

FN Herstal offers the three following models:

  • FN HMP250 featuring a .50 cal FN M3P machine gun, a 250-round ammunition box, and a links and cases collector
  • FN HMP400 featuring a .50 cal FN M3P machine gun, a 400-round ammunition box capacity, and a links or links and cases collector
  • RMP featuring a .50 cal M3P machine gun, a 250-round ammunition box capacity, three rocket launcher tubes (for 2.75in-70mm rockets) and a links collector

To date, FN Herstal airborne weapon systems have been selected to equip more than 2,800 helicopters and subsonic aircraft worldwide. FN Herstal is also a market leader in the supply of small arms.

FN range of small caliber ammunition

FN Herstal manufactures and provides a full range of small caliber ammunition, including the .50 cal APEI (stands for Armour-Piercing Explosive Incendiary).

Tu-160 Blackjack Strategic Bomber

Tu-160 supersonic strategic bomber (Nato reporting name of Blackjack) is a variable-sweep wing supersonic strategic missile carrier manufactured by the Tupolev aircraft research and engineering complex joint stock company of Moscow and the Kazan-Gorbunov Aircraft Production Association in Tatarstan from 1980 to 1992.

T-6C Texan II Turboprop Military Trainer

Beechcraft’s (formerly Hawker Beechcraft) T-6C Texan II next-generation military flight trainer aircraft is an improved version of the T-6B Texan II primary aircraft training system.

A-10 Thunderbolt (Warthog), United States of America

The A-10 Thunderbolt is also known as the Warthog, the 'flying gun' and the Tankbuster. The aircraft was used extensively during Operation Desert Storm, in support of Nato operations in response to the Kosovo crisis, in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Hero-400EC Extended-Range Loitering System

Hero-400EC (Electric, Cruciform) is an extended-range variant of the Hero family of loitering weapon systems developed by UVision Air, an unmanned air system developer based in Israel.

Strsljen Multimission Unmanned Helicopter

The Strsljen multimission unmanned helicopter, developed by Serbian arms manufacturer EDePro, was unveiled during the International Defence Exhibition and Conference 2017 in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Mi-171SH-HV Military Transport Helicopter

JSC Russian Нelicopters unveiled Mi-171SH-HV military transport helicopter at the MAKS-2017 International Aviation and Space Show held in Moscow, Russia, in July 2017.

M-346FA Fighter Attack Aircraft

Italian aerospace and defence company Leonardo introduced M-346FA (Fighter Attack) aircraft, a new variant of the Aermacchi M-346 twin-engine advanced trainer aircraft, in June.

Z-19E Light Attack Helicopter

The Z-19E light attack helicopter, an export variant of Z-19 Harbin armed and reconnaissance helicopter, performed its maiden flight in May.

SPEAR Air-to-Surface Missile

SPEAR is a high-precision, air-to-surface missile designed and being developed by UK-based missile systems manufacturer MBDA, to help meet the future combat mission needs of the Royal Air Force and the Fleet Air Arm.

S-8OFP Unguided Missile

S-8OFP (С-8ОФП) is an 80mm unguided rocket developed primarily for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

MB-339 Jet Trainer

The MB-339 jet trainer, produced by Alenia Aermacchi SpA of Varese, Italy, has been widely exported and is in service wi

Stay FN® Connected Newsletter: next issue coming soon

The next issue of the Stay FN® Connected newsletter by Belgiumbased designer and manufacturer of small caliber weapons, associated weapon systems and ammunition FN Herstal, will be available soon. Stay FN® Connected newsletters include FN Herstal business information, FN stories, tips and how-to’s.

8 January 2021

FN Herstal Concludes Strategic Agreement With French Group Nexter

FN Herstal, a Belgian subsidiary of the Herstal Group, and the French group Nexter have signed a strategic contract in the framework of the CaMo (Capacité Motorisée or Motorized Capability) program for the modernization of the Belgian Army’s ground mobility capability.

3 September 2020

FN Herstal Exhibits Latest Capabilities at Milipol 2019

Belgium-based FN Herstal, one of the world’s leading designers, developers and manufacturers of small caliber weapons and weapon systems, will present its latest capabilities in defense and security solutions at MILIPOL 2019 Exhibition, Paris, France, from November 19 through to November 22.

14 November 2019

FN Herstal to Display Latest Innovations Defence & Security Exhibition in Thailand

For 130 years, Belgium-based FN Herstal has provided generations of Defense and Security Forces as well as Special Units, with weapons that give them a clear advantage in any engagement. FN Herstal will exhibit its small caliber weapon and weapon systems at DEFENSE & SECURITY 2019, Bangkok, from November 18 through to November 21.

13 November 2019

FN Herstal Presents Latest Products At EUROPOLTECH 2019

For 130 years, FN Herstal has provided generations of Defense and Security Forces as well as Special Units, with firearms that give them a clear advantage in any engagement. This proud tradition is set to continue long into the future. FN Herstal, world leader in the design and manufacture of small arms, presented its latest products at EUROPOLTECH 2019 in Warsaw on 8-10 May.

14 May 2019

FN Herstal’s Latest Firearms On Display At SITDEF 2019

FN Herstal will be presenting its firearms, integrated weapon systems and latest technology that positions it as one of the world’s leading innovative firearms manufacturers at the SITDEF Defense and Prevention of Disasters Exhibition 2019 in Peru on 16-19 May.

13 May 2019

2019 Trade Shows for FN Herstal Announced

Belgium-based weapon and weapon system designer and manufacturer FN Herstal has issued the list of trade shows the company and its subsidiaries of FN America and FNH UK will attend in 2019.

10 January 2019

FN HERSTAL to Participate in SOFIC 2018

FN HERSTAL, along with its US subsidiary FN America, will be taking part in this year's Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) between 21-24 May in Tampa, Florida, US.

17 May 2018

FN HERSTAL Participating in IDEB 2018

FN HERSTAL, along with its US subsidiary FN America, will be taking part in the International Defence Exhibition Bratislava (IDEB) 2018 between 16-18 May at the EXPO-Arena in Bratislava, Slovakia.

2 May 2018

FN Herstal Attending QUAD-A 2018

FN Herstal, along with US subsidiary FN America, will be attending the QUAD-A 2018 Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit.

20 April 2018

FN Herstal Attends SHOT Show 2018

FN Herstal and its subsidiaries, FN America and FNH UK, are pleased to be attending this year's SHOT Show between 23-26 January.

19 January 2018

FN Herstal to Attend IAV 2018

FN Herstal, along with its subsidiaries FN America and FNH UK, will be attending this year's International Armoured Vehicles (IAV) Conference.

18 January 2018

Manroy Announces Name Change to FNH UK

Three years after being acquired by small arms manufacturer FN Herstal, Manroy Engineering has revealed its rebranding and name change to FNH UK.

31 August 2017

FN Herstal Exhibiting at SITDEF 2017

Small arms manufacturer FN Herstal, along with its subsidiary FN America, will be exhibiting at SITDEF 2017 in Lima, Peru, between 18-21 May.

11 May 2017

FN Herstal to Attend SOFIC 2017

FN Herstal, along with its US subsidiary FN America, will be attending the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) 2017 in Tampa, Florida, US, between 15-18 May.

8 May 2017

FN Herstal to Visit NATO LCM 2017

FN Herstal will be visiting the NATO Life Cycle Management (LCM) Conference between 24-25 January at the Parker Hotel Brussels Airport, Belgium.

19 January 2017

2017 Trade Shows for FN Herstal

FN Herstal has issued the list of trade shows the company, and its US subsidiary FN America, will attend in 2017.

4 January 2017

See FN Herstal’s Product Portfolio at DSEi 2015

Belgium-based FN Herstal, a leading firearms manufacturers, will be exhibiting its full portfolio at this year's Defense and Security Equipment International (DSEi) exhibition on 15-18 September in London, UK.

10 September 2015

FN Herstal Adopts Multi-Caliber and Multi-Weapon Product Approach

FN Herstal, a world leader of small caliber weapon systems, has teamed with Dillon Aero to add to its portfolio of FN MAG® 58M and FN M3M™ (GAU-21) machine guns, the Dillon Aero M134D Gatling gun, as an additional option to its airborne pintle mounted systems.

14 October 2014

FN Herstal to Exhibit at MAKS Trade Show

FN Herstal will attend the MAKS International Aviation and Space Trade Show, which will take place in Zhukosvky, Moscow Region, from 27 August to 1st September.

2 September 2013

FN Herstal Awarded AS/EN 9100 Certification

FN Herstal has recently been certified to AS/EN 9100 aerospace standards, the most advanced quality management system (QMS) standards for aviation, space and defence industries.

10 January 2013

FN Herstal Will Exhibit New FN Fire Control Unit at IDEF 2011

FN Herstal will introduce its newly developed FN Fire Control Unit to the Turkish market at the IDEF trade show being held in Istanbul from 10-13 May 2011. The FN Fire Control Unit: First Round Hits. On Target. Every Time. Successful target engagement with 40mm LV tube-l

26 April 2011

Norwegian Armed Forces Adopt FN MINIMI™ Machine Gun

Belgium-based FN Herstal is pleased to announce that the FN MINIMI™ 5.56 has been selected as the new light machine gun for the Norwegian Armed Forces. The Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation (NDLO) confirmed their decision last November, putting an end to a yearlong competit

13 February 2011

2011 Trade Shows for FN HERSTAL

Small arms manufacturer FN Herstal has issued the list of trade shows the Company will attend in 2011. 8-9 February: INTERNATIONAL ARMOURED VEHICLES, London, UK 20-24 February: IDEX, Abu Dhabi, UAE 12-15 April: LAAD, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 13-15 April: EUROPOLTECH, Warsaw

3 February 2011

French DGA Awards FN Herstal Major Contract for Machine Guns

The French Direction Générale de l'Armement (DGA) has selected the MAG machine gun, manufactured by Belgium-based FN Herstal, to replace its existing AN F1 machine guns. The DGA confirmed this decision on 15 December 2010 as a result of an international competition. The FN MAG machine g

18 January 2011

FN SCAR Programme Reaches Final Milestone

FN Herstal received notification from the USSOCOM Program Executive Office—SOF Warrior (PEO—SW) that the SCAR Acquisition Decision Memorandum (ADM) was approved and signed on April 14, 2010, moving this FN program into the Milestone C phase. This decision authorizes the production and deployment

9 May 2010

FN Herstal Announces Immediate Opportunity for an Operational Analyst

The marketing department (business development) at FN Herstal has an immediate opportunity for an operational analyst. Under the supervision of the marketing director, the incumbent will perform operational analyses for one of FN Herstal's key customers as part of a program related to the use of

21 February 2010

FN Expertise in Integrated Weapon Systems on Display at Paris Air Show

A global leader in the manufacture of small calibre weapons, ammunition and weapon systems, FN Herstal, will attend the Paris Air Show 15-21 June 2009 (Hall 2B, Booth no. G32b in the Belgian Pavilion). FN Herstal designs, develops, manufactures and supports a broad range of integrated w

7 June 2009

FN Herstal Is Awarded New ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Following a follow-up audit by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance (LRQA), it was determined that FN Herstal's previously ISO certified 9001:2000 quality management system (QMS) meets the requirements of the new standard ISO 9001:2008 for its complete range of products and services and it has pass

12 February 2009

More User-Friendly Website for FN Herstal

FN Herstal officially launches its new website, which brings some major improvements. The Internet users are able to compare technical data of products of the same family therefore select quickly and easily the more appropriate weapon. The new design gives more importance to interacti

3 July 2008

Brand New Sophisticated Test & Evaluation Centre Inaugurated at FN Herstal

Belgium-based Herstal Group, the parent company of weapon manufacturer FN Herstal, recently inaugurated a new industrial complex in Herstal, Belgium. The new facilities house a state-of-the-art Test & Evaluation Centre and the R&D Department in charge of integrated weapon system activiti

13 March 2008

FN HERSTAL will be present at the DSEI Exhibition (booth 1335)

One of the world's largest manufacturer of small calibre weapons, FN HERSTAL will present a broad range of products, including the battle-proven MINIMI machine gun, the F2000 assault rifle with all its variants, the 5.7 x28 mm weapon system, including the new P90® Tactical submachine guns and Five-s

11 July 2003


Voie de Liege
33-B 4040 Herstal

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