FN HERSTAL will be present at the DSEI Exhibition (booth 1335)

One of the world’s largest manufacturer of small calibre weapons, FN HERSTAL will present a broad range of products, including the battle-proven MINIMI machine gun, the F2000 assault rifle with all its variants, the 5.7 x28 mm weapon system, including the new P90® Tactical submachine guns and Five-seveN® pistols, pistols and sniper rifles.

The new M3M/MPH .50 Machine gun for mutlirole vehicle offers an unmatched compromise between shooting comfort, performance and capacity.

With over 750 helicopters and subsonic aircraft equipped, FN HERTAL is also a major player in airborne weapon systems and will display the HMP-400 pod and the .50 Cal M3M machine gun that offers a rate of fire of 1,100 rpm.

The FN303 less lethal launcher is the only viable option to the use of lethal force and insure seizure and immediate incapacitation of suspects while drastically reducing the risks of open wounds.

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