FN Expertise in Integrated Weapon Systems on Display at Paris Air Show

A global leader in the manufacture of small calibre weapons, ammunition and weapon systems, FN Herstal, will attend the Paris Air Show 15-21 June 2009 (Hall 2B, Booth no. G32b in the Belgian Pavilion).

FN Herstal designs, develops, manufactures and supports a broad range of integrated weapon systems for military use. The product range covers land, sea and airborne systems with crew served systems, remotely operated weapon stations (ROWS), axially mounted pods and a complete range of ammunition.

FN Herstal’s airborne products have been selected to equip more than 1,900 helicopters and subsonic aircraft, worldwide.

Specifically for airborne applications, the FN Herstal product range covers pintle and pod systems.

Pintle systems – on ramp, window and door positions – offer the following benefits:

  • A .50 cal M3M/GAU-21 machine gun with a 1,100 rounds per minute firing rate
  • A soft mount to reduce the recoil forces on the structure
  • Outstanding balance of the whole system for a perfect firing accuracy
  • Low weight of the system
  • Full mechanical system
  • Compatibility for the 7.62 calibre machine gun

Pod systems, such as:

  • HMP250: .50 cal M3P machine gun and 250 rounds ammunition box capacity
  • HMP400: .50 cal M3P machine gun and 400 rounds ammunition box capacity
  • RMP: .50 cal M3P machine gun, 250 rounds ammunition box capacity and 3 rocket launcher tubes – for rocket 2.75in (70mm) FFAR MK40 and Wrap Around MK66

Latest platform integrations include:

  • HMP400 and RMP on AgustaWestland’s EH-101
  • Selection of the M3P on Bell’s OH-58D Kiowa Warrior by the US Army

For more information regarding FN Herstal’s airborne weapon systems, visit us at our booth at the Paris Air Show, Booth no. G32b in Hall 2B (Belgian Pavilion).

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