Airborne Technologies is a private limited company based at Wiener Neustadt Airport. The company combines the competences of aviation, system/sensor integration, data capturing and data processing all under one roof. Founded in 2008 by leading experts in the field of airborne remote sensing and aviation the company is now employing more than 45 people. Airborne Technologies is independent from any specific manufacturer but is closely partnered with a range of established and reliable sensor and aircraft manufacturers.

Airborne Technologies provides both tailor-made turnkey solutions for airborne surveillance, surveying and communication systems installed on a wide range of new airborne platforms (fixed and rotary wing) as well as integration of sensor and communication systems into existing customer aircraft.

Turnkey solutions for airborne surveillance and surveying

The Austrian company offers complete package consisting of aircraft, sensor installation, certification and training ready for immediate operation. Airborne Technologies has a proven track record in delivering airborne surveillance solutions for a variety of high profile and high value projects for government operations and corporate surveillance clients, and is a specialist in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) operations.

Keen to explore the opportunities presented by the new generation of fixed-wing patrol aircraft, the UK NPAS (National Police Air Service) decided to add a fixed-wing surveillance aircraft to their helicopter-dominated fleet by conducting a six-month operational trial. The platform – a VULCANAIR P68R – in combination with the modifications proposed by Airborne Technologies provided the UK Police with the optimum solution in the EU-wide procurement process. As a specialised surveillance sensor integrator, Airborne Technologies installed cutting-edge surveillance sensor equipment (Wescam MX10 and Churchill Augmented Rearily System) into a mission capable system presented in an ergonomic working environment.

Airborne Technologies is a world-class provider of airborne remote sensing services. Our excellence is the combination of turnkey aircraft solutions, data capturing and data processing know-how.
Airborne Technologies installs state-of-the-art surveillance cabin configuration in Vulcanair MMA.
Airborne Technologies offers a customised workstation for EC135.
Tecnam MMA is the best price multi-fuel platform; Vulcanair MMA is the original multi-purpose plane.
The platform - a VULCANAIR P68R - in combination with the modifications proposed by Airborne Technologies, provides the UK police with the optimum solution in the EU-wide procurement process.
Airborne Technologies developed the first light maritime patrol aircraft based on the Tecnam MMA platform.
With this completely self-sufficient reconnaissance pod every aircraft and helicopter equipped with hard points can be a surveillance aircraft instantly.
Airborne Technologies‘ in-house carbon fibre production enables integration of most efficent ISR operations.

Airborne sensor integrator

As an approved aviation design organisation, Airborne Technologies is specialised in the installation, certification and operation of sensor equipment. Due to its unique partnership with leading sensor manufacturers, Airborne Technologies works with the most leading edge sensor and communication equipment. Thus, Airborne Technologies as an airborne sensor integrator is able to match the customer’s requirements with the installation of the right sensor system.

Amongst others, the German Police awarded Airborne Technologies to integrate new airborne surveillance equipment containing highest standard L3 Wescam MX15HDi, CHURCHILL Augmented Reality Navigation System ARS-500 into their EC135 rotary wing fleet.

Using the latest carbon fibre technology, Airborne Technologies was able to design and install a lighter and user-friendly workstation for two and three man operation.

Leading-edge multi-mission aircraft

In recent years Airborne Technologies accomplished a great number of EASA STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) for aircraft modifications on different types of fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

Among others, Airborne Technologies created the well-known brands "Tecnam MMA" and "Vulcanair MMA" which play a significant role in the light surveillance aircraft market. Both fixed-wing aircraft are highly capable of meeting the needs of the most special mission operations.

Essential features for special mission aircraft are fixed-wing and twin-engine to guarantee maximum security. The aircraft have enough cabin space to accommodate different sensor equipment. These aircraft are able to lift a two-man crew together with the payload ranging between 115kg and 220kg, depending on the platform.

Light surveillance aircraft


  • Sensor payload up to 115kg
  • Two-crew operation
  • Best economy
  • Minimum mission speed 75KIAS (MTOW, 1st flaps)

Vulcanair MMA

  • Sensor payload up to 220 KG
  • three-crew operation
  • All-weather capable
  • Outperforming visibility
  • Minimum mission speed 75 KIAS (MTOW, 1st flaps)

SCAR-Pod – the self-contained-aerial-reconaissance pod

The SCAR-Pod, a reconnaissance pod, is completely self-sufficient and allows wireless operation. Data connection from pod to operator station is done via WIFI and needs no external cabling. The use of an internal – easy changeable – battery pack grants power supply for up to 10 hours. The SCAR-Pod does not assume any airframe modifications on the aircraft. The lug suspensions enable immediate use on every aircraft with Nato hard points.

The lightweight carbon fibre pod carries a complete surveillance mission package which upgrades any aircraft to an ISR platform within a very short period of time. It offers room for an EO/IR Gimbal, Downlink, Uplink, Moving Map, augmented reality system and COMINT/SIGINT equipment.

Depending on the size of the gimbal, the SCAR-Pod is available to support either a 10in or a 15in EO/IR camera.

With the SCAR-Pod, every aircraft and helicopter equipped with hard points can be a surveillance aircraft instantly. Although it is an "out of the box solution", it turns out to be very flexible in fulfilling customer’s special needs. Based on "Plug & Fly", the customer is able to quickly add an ISR capability to his fleet.