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Surveillance Out Of The Box

singapore airshow

Airborne Technologies will introduce its newest development – the Self Contained Aerial Reconnaissance Pod (SCAR Pod) – at the upcoming Singapore Airshow.

This Pod is completely self-sufficient and allows wireless operation. Data connection from pod to operator station is done via WIFI and needs no external cabling. The use of an internal and easy changeable battery pack grants power supply for up to ten hours.

The SCAR-Pod does not assume any airframe modifications on aircraft. The lug suspensions enable immediate use on every aircraft with Nato hard points.

The lightweight carbon fiber pod carries a complete surveillance mission package, which upgrades any aircraft to an ISR platform within a very short period of time. It offers room for an EO/IR Gimbal, downlink, uplink, moving map, augmented reality system and COMINT/SIGINT equipment.

Depending on the size of the gimbal the SCAR-Pod is available in two versions for 10in and 15in EO/IR cameras.

Wolfgang Grumeth, CEO of Airborne Technologies, said: "With our new SCAR-Pod every aircraft and helicopter equipped with hard points can be a surveillance aircraft instantly. Although the SCAR-Pod is an "out of the box solution" it turns out to be very flexible in fulfilling special customer needs. On the basis of "Plug & Fly" the customer is able to add ISR capability to his fleet."

We would be very pleased to welcome you at the official presentation of the SCAR-Pod :

"Surveillance Out Of The Box"
February 11, 2.00 p.m.
Airborne Technologies
Singapore Airshow, Booth E 67-7

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