Thales is a global technology leader for the aerospace, space, defence, security and transportation markets. Thales is a world-leading provider of onboard solutions and high value-added services for the civil and military aerospace markets.

Thales’s Aerospace business, set up in close proximity to its customers, employs 13,000 people worldwide, who are helping to define tomorrow’s air transport solutions and to better protect lives in operational theatres.

In the military domain, Thales combat systems are at the forefront of technological innovation to meet all mission requirements. The company provides high performance avionics and mission systems for major European programmes such as the Rafale, A400M, FSTA, NH90 and Tiger.

Thales designs radar, electronic warfare, optronic, communication, navigation and identification solutions for protecting aircrews and military assets.

Thales displays are designed to enhance viewing comfort for maximum pilot performance.
IESI: Small size (3-ATI )

As an industry-leading supplier of mission, surveillance and reconnaissance solutions, Thales is the European leader in UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicle) systems and is also prime contractor in the fields of maritime patrol and surveillance. Thales has developed a complete range of dedicated service solutions to allow Armed Forces to focus on their core activities.

Thales offer a wide range of flight deck instruments and displays for aircrafts, helicopters, fighters and UAV applications.

Video and smart displays

Thales videos and smart displays are conceived to enhance viewing comfort for maximum pilot performance. Smart Displays integrate advanced embedded avionics functionalities. They are low volume and self cooled for an easy integration.

  • Video displays (5×4, 5×5, 6×6)
  • Smart Displays (5×6, 6×8)

IESI: Integrated Electronic Standby Instruments

Benefit from Thales expertise as the world leader in civil standby instruments. The key to our success: providing you with the best performing sensors and LCD displays for a greater reliability and a wider lateral viewing angle at high resolutions.

Conventional instruments are also available:

  • Attitude indicator
  • Altitude indicator
  • Air speed indicator
  • Vertical speed indicator

Beyond these two ranges of products, Thales suggests to consult the online Nav’equipment catalogue… in order to discover our military customized solutions which include:

  • “TopDeck” avionic suite
  • “TopOwl” integrated helmet system
  • EFVS: Enhanced Flight Vision System