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Integrated Airborne Systems

Across air, land and sea, SELEX ES delivers mission critical systems for situational awareness, self-protection and surveillance to customers around the world.

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Across air, land and sea, SELEX ES delivers mission critical systems for situational awareness, self-protection and surveillance to customers around the world.

From design and development to through-life support, the company works closely with its customers in their journey to mission success, constantly adapting its solutions to meet customer requirements.

By exploiting its core skills in sensors, defensive aids, tracking, targeting, navigation, command and control, and simulation, SELEX ES works in partnership with prime contractors and armed forces worldwide to integrate optimised functionality into both platforms and networked-based architectures.

All of this is underpinned by comprehensive through-life capability management solutions designed to maximise the return on investment across the lifecycle.

The Praetorian defensive aids suite for the Eurofighter Typhoon is the most complete system in operation.
With more than 450 units sold worldwide, GRIFO is a fourth generation Pulse Doppler radar perfectly suited for both new and upgraded lightweight fighters.
The HIDAS integrated self-protection suite forms the basis of a flexible software-driven 'plug and play' defensive aids architecture for rotary-wing aircraft.

SELEX ES has a proven pedigree in tactical ISTAR avionics, airborne radar, electro-optical / infrared (EO/IR) systems, electronic warfare, and self-protection systems, and demonstrates how excellence and innovation in software, sensors and architecture can be translated into mission-essential systems capability.

Electronic warfare self-protection systems

SELEX ES’s extensive experience in the provision of a market leading aircraft self-protection capability has established the company as Europe’s leading electronic warfare (EW) supplier. As a result of continual and significant investment in advanced technologies, SELEX ES has secured a global reputation for exceeding customer requirements in the delivery of state-of-the-art EW solutions.

The company provides approximately 60% of the defence electronics for the Eurofighter Typhoon, including the Praetorian defensive aids system, the most complete system in operation. Praetorian contains electronic support measures, missile warning, on-board electronic countermeasures and towed decoys to detect and evaluate threats at maximum range.

SELEX ES plays a key role in UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) rotorcraft programmes, with the helicopter integrated defensive aids system (HIDAS) protecting UK AH Mk.1 Apache and Wildcat helicopters. The aircraft gateway processor (AGP), derived from the HIDAS, has been selected by the UK MoD to upgrade RAF Chinook and Puma Mk.1 helicopters.

The company’s SEER radar warning receiver (RWR) utilises a digital receiver for advanced situational awareness and is essential for evading threats in a complex hostile environment. Trialled with outstanding operational results and supplemented with a complete support package, SEER can increase mission success and aircraft survivability for a range of new or upgrade programmes, including large transport and small fixed wing aircraft, rotary wing vehicles and unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

Airborne intercept radars

Today’s multi-role combat aircraft rely on the very best integration of man and machine in order to perform to their potential in both air-to-air and air-to-surface roles.

SELEX ES’s scalable family of airborne intercept radars offers true multi-mode functionality to confer advanced detection and track-while-scan capabilities matched to the latest beyond visual range weapons.

The company’s range of AESA multi-mode surveillance radar systems is setting the standard for high performance tactical intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR) radar systems.

The Seaspray family is offered in three configurations, broadly aligning to the requirements of light twin turbo-prop surveillance aircraft, naval helicopters and long range maritime patrol aircraft (LRMPA). They are all high performance, low probability of intercept (LPI) multi-mode surveillance radar systems operating in X Band.

Fire control multimode radar for aircraft and avionic suites

GRIFO airborne fire control radar is a coherent, Pulse-Doppler multimode radar operating in X-band. Its modular architecture enables the installation on a wide range of aircraft and easy integration in modern avionic suites and interface via HOTAS command. With over 450 units sold and 100,000 flight hours the GRIFO family of radars offers advanced performance for new and retrofit applications.

SELEX ES also excels in high-performance electro-optical sensors. These include infrared search and track systems for situational awareness and target acquisition, and advanced laser rangefinders / designators to ensure the pinpoint targeting of precision guided weapons.

White Papers

  • Building Your Strength From Within

    Building upon a wealth of experience and depth of knowledge, we blend a culture of innovation and a broad spectrum of technologies to engineer flexible and scalable solutions matched to the exacting demands of defence and security customers worldwide.

Press Releases


  • Guardian 400 Special Mission Aircraft

    Guardian 400 is a special mission variant of the Series 400 Twin Otter aircraft designed and developed by Viking Air, an aircraft manufacturer based in Canada.

  • M-346FA Fighter Attack Aircraft

    Italian aerospace and defence company Leonardo introduced M-346FA (Fighter Attack) aircraft, a new variant of the Aermacchi M-346 twin-engine advanced trainer aircraft, in June.

  • Fury Precision-Guided Weapon

    The Fury is a lightweight, precision-guided glide weapon developed by Thales in association with Textron Systems Weapon and Sensor Systems.

  • MICA Air-to-Air Missile System

    Missile d'Interception, de Combat et d'Autodéfense (MICA) is a solid propellant–fuelled, multi-mission, air-to-air missile that can be integrated onto medium-to-lightweight, modern multi-role combat aircraft such as Rafale and the improved versions of Mirage 2000-5 single-engine fighter aircraft.

  • KC-130J Multi-Role Tanker

    The KC-130J is a multi-role tanker aircraft designed and developed by Lockheed Martin to replace the KC-130F/R/T aircraft.

  • Space Based Infrared System (SBIRS)

    Lockheed Martin’s space-based infrared system (SBIRS) is an early warning defence satellite system being developed for the US Air Force Space Command (AFSPC).

  • Manta VTOL Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

    A vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) variant of the Manta unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was unveiled at the 23rd International Defence Industry Exhibition (MSPO) held in Kielce, Poland, in September 2015.

  • Aeryon SkyRanger sUAS

    Aeryon SkyRanger is a next-generation, small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS) designed and manufactured by Aeryon Labs, a company based in Canada.

Sigma House
Christopher Martin Road
SS14 3EL
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