PIC Wire & Cable military cables and military cable assemblies are designed, manufactured and tested to perform with reliability in harsh environments. Our coax cable and triax cable, including RF cable and video cable, is widely specified for use in major military systems worldwide.

Our lightweight military cable solutions can significantly reduce fuel consumption and increase payload capacity. A reduction in maintenance time and cost can also be realised with PIC Wire & Cable’s field replaceable connectors.

We have 40 years of application success in major military programs including Hunter UAV, Chinook helicopter glass cockpit upgrade, the Joint Primary Aircraft Training System (JPATS), and T-38 retrofit. We also manufacture for military ground vehicles programs, including the Blue Force Tracker.

Military cable programs

PIC Wire & Cable provided the following for the Blue Force Tracker program:

PIC's 50ohm RF cables can reduce operating costs and increase payload capacity while providing lower loss-higher EMI shielding and smaller bend radius.
PIC has 40 years of application success in major military programs worldwide.
In comparison to RG393 (upper) PIC S67163 (lower) is up to 70% lighter and can save 10lb/100ft.
Save time and bulkhead space with QUADConnectorT coax feedthroughs from PIC, featuring four hermetically sealed connections through one circular hole in the bulkhead.
  • Command and control RF antenna cable
  • Replaced standard RG393 with PIC S33141
  • Saved up to 10lbs per vehicle plus 20% better shielding, 20% lower loss and 40% smaller diameter
  • Delivered 500,000ft since 2004
  • Total weight savings to date: 46,000lb
  • No field issues = low operating cost

Aircraft cables and interconnect solutions

PIC Wire & Cable offers a proven selection of aircraft cables and interconnect solutions providing superior performance for advanced military electronic applications including:

  • Navigation: DME, GPS, radio altimeter, VOR, marker beacon
  • Collision avoidance: TCAS, ACAS, Mode S
  • Communications: HF, VHF, UHF, cellular, Satcom, LANs
  • Video: cockpit displays, surveillance cameras

Coaxial, triaxial, high-speed data and data-bus cables

Using the latest technologies and materials, PIC’s cables are designed and manufactured to MIL-SPEC in order to meet the most stringent electrical and mechanical performance criteria required, including:

  • Lightweight
  • Low loss
  • High flexibility
  • High EMI immunity
  • High temperature
  • High corrosion resistance

PIC offers a broad selection of specialised 50ohm coaxial and triaxial cable, 75ohm coaxial and triaxial cable, high-speed data, data bus cable and application specific cable.

Lightweight cable for military applications

Compared to RG 393, PIC S67163 is up to 70% lighter and can save 10lb/100ft. And compared to typical lightweight coax cable, PIC S65161 is 30% lighter, 15% smaller, features 22% better shielding and is laser markable.

Aircraft cables approved for high-powered systems

We offer aircraft cables for the following:

  • Cockpit avionics: Garmin G100, Honeywell Primus Epic, Honeywell Apex
  • TCAS: Garmin GTS Series, L-3 (BF Goodrich) Skywatch, Avidyne TAS Series, ACSS TCAS, Honeywell (Bendix King) CAS Series and Rockwell Collins TCA
  • IFE: Honeywell AIS Systems and Rockwell Collins Tailwind Systems

RF cable connectors

PIC has a wide variety of RF connectors, all weather-sealed to prevent water and moisture ingression, and designed for reliable high-altitude and high-temperature operation.

Our 75ohm video connectors are true impedance connectors – essential in manufacturing low attenuation and VSWR assemblies.

Custom cable assemblies

At PIC we know that proper cable assembly is critical to realising the full benefits of our cable and connector technology. ISO 9001 and AS 9100 certified, we offer:

  • Certified test process and equipment
  • Phase-matched ship sets
  • Qualified assembly experts
  • Complete lot traceability
  • Reliability in harsh environments
  • Improved supply chain efficiency

Antenna gaskets for avionic antennas

PICSeal™ conducive antenna gaskets provide easy and reliable sealing of avionic antennas to military aircraft skin, and are easy to remove without skin or antenna damage.

Interconnect solutions

At PIC we are taking our products to a higher level by aiming to improve performance, reduce schedule and lower total cost. We provide benefits like:

  • Increased payload capcity
  • Reduced operating cost
  • Lower loss-higher EMI immunity
  • Smaller bend radius
  • Easier installation, termination, routing and reconfiguration

Cable engineering and procurement services

Our engineering and procurement services provide rapid prototyping and development along with exceptionally fast and accurate delivery. Our collaborative technical pre-sales assistance goal is to help improve your competiveness in three key areas:

  • Improved platform and system performance
  • Reduced development and manufacturing schedules
  • Lower total costs

PIC Wire & Cable is a Small Business Concern as defined in FAR 52.219-1.