The US Space Force (USSF) has awarded a $476m ten-year prime contract to ManTech to provide systems engineering solutions.

Services delivered under the contract will support the USSF’s Space and Missile Center, which has been recently redesignated as Space Systems Command (SSC).

ManTech continues to offer its support for several critical space launch programmes by providing services such as launch service integration, fleet surveillance and certification for space and missile systems.

These services will be provided at Space Force facilities in Los Angeles Air Force Base, Vandenberg Space Force base and Cape Canaveral Space Force station.

By investing in intelligent systems engineering (ISE) solutions, ManTech is ‘Bringing Digital to the Mission’.

This digital approach also contributes to the USSF’s aim to field a digital engineering ecosystem that improves both innovation and delivery speed.

In addition, ManTech helps deliver advanced digital solutions that increase the capabilities of troops.

ManTech Defense Sector executive vice-president and general manager Andrew Twomey said: “As the trusted partner of this prominent customer since 2010, we are proud and excited to take the next steps in advancing the missions of US Space Force.

“Applying the world’s finest Intelligent Systems Engineering capabilities, we will meet the standard set by US Space Force, ‘Way Above’, to build on America’s dominance in space.”

In August 2018, ManTech won a contract from the US Air Force Installation Contracting Agency (AFICA) to provide technical support for next-generation UAV systems.