US Space Force establishes second field command
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US Space Force establishes second field command

16 Aug 2021 (Last Updated August 16th, 2021 12:52)

The new command replaces the Space and Missile Systems Center, which the USSF inherited from the Air Force.

US Space Force establishes second field command
US Space Force lieutenant general Michael A Guetlein (right) accepts the Space Systems Command flag. Credit: US Space Force photo by Van Ha / USAF.

The US Space Force (USSF) has officially established the second field command that will be responsible for developing and procuring resilient space capabilities for troops.

This new Space Systems Command (SSC) replaces the Space and Missile Systems Center, which has been providing space systems for national security and defence for a long time.

Space Force space operations chief general John W Raymond said: “America relies on space, and our strategic competitors are targeting space because of this reliance and the advantage space provides.

“To remain the world leader and secure that advantage, we must move faster than our adversaries. The nation, as well as our allies and partners around the world, are counting on this team to deliver.”

The new command will now include Space Launch Delta 30, Vandenberg Space Force Base, and Space Launch Delta 45, Patrick Space Force Base/Cape Canaveral, Florida, realigning from Space Operations Command to SSC.

Furthermore, SSC will serve as the primary Space Force channel to USAF’s Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and other units that perform space science and technology functions.

The new command strengthens the Space Force partnership and participation in the ‘Two Services, One Lab’ approach.

This approach makes sure that AFRL serves the requirements of both the air and space forces without replicating functions.

As part of the establishment of the new command, the 61st Air Base Group at Los Angeles Air Force Base is re-designated as Los Angeles Garrison. This group is aligned under SSC.

The establishment of the new field command did not involve any geographic moves of the workforce or units.

Recently, the USSF awarded a contract to Astra Space from the Rocket Systems Launch Program (RSLP) for the Orbital Services Program (OSP)-4 programme.