The US Air Force (USAF) has announced the beginning of construction for the F-35A aircraft’s flight line facilities at Tyndall Air Force Base (AFB), Florida, US.

Commencement of the work activities was marked by a ground-breaking ceremony held on 13 September.

It is being performed as part of a $532m military construction contract awarded to Hensel Phelps in May this year.

Awarded by the US Army Corps of Engineers, the contract involves a total of 11 projects in Zone 1 of the 12-zone rebuild.

Contract for Zone 1 includes the construction of group headquarters, a maintenance complex, a corrosion control facility, aircraft support equipment storage, multiple F-35A hangars, aircraft parking aprons and an F-35A flight simulator training facility.

USAF Air Combat Command deputy commander lieutenant general Russ Mack said: “In order for us maintain air superiority that we need, it starts right here.

“It starts with these 11 projects that they will begin breaking ground on as soon as possible so we can bring that mission right back here to Team Tyndall.”

Once constructed, the flight line facilities will support the operations of F-35A Lightning II and its crew that are expected to be based at Tyndall AFB from September next year.

Furthermore, this work intends to support the planned increase in flight line activities after the F-35A mission is received at Tyndall AFB.

It will further transform Tyndall AFB into a future-ready, high-tech fighter base, developed to fulfil the existing and emerging requirements of the forces.

Mack added: “Tyndall is going to evolve into a more lethal, ready, and resilient base.

“The primary focus will remain on prepping the buildings, prepping this runway, and prepping this mission to support the F-35s.”