Lockheed Martin has awarded a contract to Canadian aerospace systems manufacturer Magellan Aerospace to supply machined titanium components for the F-35 Lightning II fighter aircraft.

The multi-million-dollar contract is valid from 2023 to 2027.

The deal primarily focuses on delivering shipsets of machined wing tie bars for the flap of the aircraft.

The components will be manufactured and delivered for all three variants of F-35 fighter jets.  

The company will carry out all the associated work at its Kitchener site in Ontario, Canada, which specialises in carrying out titanium machining, as well as other machining operations.

At the Kitchener site, Magellan also focuses on performing high-speed machining work related to hard metals such as titanium, Inconel and stainless steel.

It was the first international partner site to support the F-35 programme by delivering aircraft equipment and parts in late 2003.

Before the initial deliveries by Magellan, the company made various investments to enhance the equipment, technology and other capabilities at its Kitchener facility.

Magellan Aerospace Business Development, Marketing and Contracts vice-president Haydn Martin said: “Magellan earned a role in the industrial supply chain for the Joint Strike Fighter programme early on as the Canadian Government was a partner in the programme at its inception in 1997.

“Magellan has benefited from the opportunity to establish advanced manufacturing technologies in our facilities and is pleased to apply these innovations to support the production of the global F-35 fleet by providing these complex structural components.”

The latest award builds on the long-standing partnership between Lockheed Martin and Magellan on the global F-35 fighter jet programme.

In 2020, Magellan completed the delivery of the 200th set of horizontal stabiliser shipset as part of the F-35 programme.