Canadian company Magellan Aerospace has achieved a delivery milestone by supplying 200th set of horizontal stabiliser shipset for the F-35 Lightning II aircraft.

Under an agreement with BAE Systems, the company has been producing horizontal stabilisers for the global F-35 programme since 2009.

Magellan president and CEO Phillip Underwood said: “Achieving this significant delivery milestone in today’s unprecedented and challenging business environment speaks to the reliability of our processes and the resiliency of the Magellan team.

“Magellan has been steadily increasing its annual deliveries for the global F-35 programme since the first horizontal stabiliser shipset delivery in 2012 and is currently operating at full production rate.”

The horizontal stabilisers serve as a critical component for the Conventional Takeoff and Landing (CTOL) variant of the F-35.

The company, along with BAE Systems, has made significant investments over the years to ensure the deliveries of these flight-critical assemblies to Lockheed Martin, the prime contractor of F-35 aircraft.

Currently, Magellan aims to deliver more than 1,000 shipsets of horizontal tail assemblies throughout the F-35 programme, as well as metallic and composite components.

BAE Systems Air US Programmes senior vice-president Tom Fillingham said: “At BAE Systems, we’re proud to collaborate with Magellan and international suppliers to fulfil our role on such a critical programme which global air forces depend on.

“Magellan’s delivery of its 200th set of F-35 horizontal stabiliser assemblies is a significant milestone and is testament to the dedication and teamwork from all involved.”

Last month, the US Government and Lockheed Martin proposed the sale of the F-35 aircraft to Switzerland, which seeks to replace its ageing fighter jets through the New Fighter Aircraft (NFA) competition.