In a move set to bolster defence capabilities for the Netherlands, Lockheed Martin has clinched a contract worth nearly a billion dollars for the supply of advanced missile systems, signalling a strategic alliance in enhancing NATO security.

Lockheed Martin, the aerospace and defence company based in Orlando, Florida, has sealed a deal with the Netherlands, as confirmed by the State Department’s recent approval of a Foreign Military Sale valued at $908m (€844m). The agreement entails the provision of JASSM-ER and a range of related equipment.

The sale, comprising 120 AGM-158B/B-2 JASSM-ER All-Up-Rounds, enhances the Netherlands’ defence capabilities, particularly in airborne, long-range precision-strike combat. This procurement reinforces the security framework of a NATO ally.

In August 2023, the US State Department approved a $104m Foreign Military Sale of 50 Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missiles with Extended Range (JASSM-ER) to Japan, including anti-jam global positioning system, missile containers, and training missiles. This deal aims to enhance Japan’s stand-off capability and integrate the long-range strike system into its F-15 fighter jets amid escalating Indo-Pacific tensions. 

The JASSM-ER missiles will be used on the Netherlands Air Force’s multirole aircraft, F-35As and F-16A/Bs. The Dutch acquired 20 of the F-35A between 2019 and 2021 and 24 of the F-16A/B in 1979 and 1992, both from Lockheed Martin, according to GlobalData’s “The Netherlands Defense Market 2023-2028” report. 

The advanced missile systems will empower the Netherlands to address current and emerging threats while fortifying its role in collective defence efforts within the NATO alliance. With a focus on defending allies and deterring aggression, the acquisition of JASSM-ERs signifies a strategic investment in bolstering regional security dynamics.

The Netherlands recently had a $150m contract approved by the US for 386 Hellfire air-to-ground missiles and related equipment. Lockheed Martin Corporation will also serve as the principal contractor for this deal.

The deal requires no additional government or contractor representatives to be deployed to the Netherlands.