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Trainee Reporter for GlobalData, covering Aerospace, Defence, and Security. Previously a Foreign Correspondent for a European Law and Politics publication.

Harry McNeil

GE Aerospace and StandardAero unite to power Canada’s military ambitions

The collaboration promises an economic boost and stronger Royal Canadian Air Force defence capabilities.

Argentina enhances naval surveillance and Airforce capacity with new aircraft

Minister of Defense Jorge Taiana advances key acquisitions during official visits.

US Navy and Air Force showcase coordination in Gulf of Oman joint exercise

The joint aviation integration exercise elevates tactical proficiency and bolsters maritime security.

Joby delivers first-ever electric air taxi, joining the US Air Force

Joby’s eVTOL aircraft has landed at Edwards Air Force base six months ahead of schedule, marking an aviation first.

Northrop Grumman secures $705m deal to develop new air-to-ground missile

The US Air Force taps Northrop Grumman for stand-in attack weapon development.

Malaysia’s defence landscape: A thriving triad in land, air, and sea domains

Malaysia’s robust budgets and strategic acquisitions are starting to reshape Malaysia’s military.

NATO’s F-35s secure borders as Italian jets intercept Russian aircraft

The Italian Air Force’s F-35s conducted an interception near the Baltic Sea, after taking flight from Malbork Air Base in Poland.

Indonesia’s defence renaissance: A tri-force thrust into modernisation

GlobalData’s in-depth analysis of Indonesia’s commitment to its army, naval, and air domains in the next five years.

Kongsberg lands deal to bolster F-35 joint strike fighter programme

In a multi-year agreement, Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace are to provide vital components for the F-35 aircraft.

US DoD faces decisions of F-35 sustainment strategy amidst $1.7trn investment

A GAO report has highlighted maintenance challenges and urges reassessment of government-contractor roles.