Cubic business division Cubic Mission and Performance Solutions (CMPS) has achieved a delivery milestone by handing over the 1,000th P5 Combat Training System (P5CTS) for the F-35 Lightning II combat aircraft.

The F-35 P5 is an internal subsystem (IS) configuration which provides encrypted air combat manoeuvring instrumentation (ACMI) to the fighter jets.

This configuration is used for relaying encrypted time, space and position information (TSPI) between range ground stations and participating aircraft during training sorties.

Cubic’s P5 IS configuration is also interoperable with the P5 CTS/ Tactical CTS Increment I (TCTS I) ACMI system.

More than 2,000 P5CTS/TCTS I pods are currently in use with defence customers worldwide, along with 17 coalition partners.

According to the company, both the F-35 aircraft P5 and P5CTS/TCTS I pod provide real-time kill notifications as well as advanced weapons flyout simulations.

CMPS LVC Training vice-president and general manager Jonas Furukrona said: “Cubic is pleased to deliver our 1,000th P5CTS for F-35 Enterprise.

“We look forward to continuing to deliver this critical upgrade to our US and Coalition warfighters.

“This is a major accomplishment for the future of air combat training and Cubic.”

Cubic’s F-35 P5 allows the Range Training Officers and exercise controllers to securely witness the real-time training event, executed by F-35 participants.

This process involves incorporating the F-35 P5 system with the Block 4A decryptor at the P5CTS ground station.

The F-35 P5 allows the warfighters to protect the techniques, tactics and procedures while training against enemy exploitation.

Recently, CMPS secured a firm-fixed-price contract from the US Air Force to provide System Security Update to the P5CTS system.