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Navigation and Air Data Equipment

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Thales is a global technology leader for the Aerospace, Space, Defence, Security and Transportation markets. Thales is a world-leading provider of onboard solutions and high value-added services for the civil and military aerospace markets.

Thales’s Aerospace business, set up in close proximity to its customers, employs 13,000 people worldwide, who are helping to define tomorrow’s air transport solutions and to better protect lives in operational theatres.

In the military domain, Thales combat systems are at the forefront of technological innovation to meet all mission requirements. The company provides high performance avionics and mission systems for major European programmes such as the Rafale, A400M, FSTA, NH90 and Tiger.

Thales designs radar, electronic warfare, optronic, communication, navigation and identification solutions for protecting aircrews and military assets.

Compact IMU 100.
EMA 1000 accelerometers.
Multifunction probes 115.

As an industry-leading supplier of mission, surveillance and reconnaissance solutions, Thales is the European leader in UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicle) systems and is also prime contractor in the fields of maritime patrol and surveillance. Thales has developed a complete range of dedicated service solutions to allow Armed Forces to focus on their core activities.

Inertial navigation system (INS)

Thales INS with GPS is a robust hybridized localization solution embedding full in-house Thales PIXYZ gyrometers and electro-mechanical accelerometers technologies. Thales flexible product configuration allows for easy integration with various system interfaces.

Our INS products include:

  • GPS C/A
  • Glonass

Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)

IMU’s are based on Thales in-house tri-axis ring laser gyrometer technologies (PIXYZ), Electro-Mechanical and MEMS accelerometers providing outstanding resistance to vibrations and guaranteed operability in harsh environments.

  • North seeking gyroscopes
  • IMUs (Drift: 50°/h to 0,005°/h
  • Rate sensor units (drift: 0,003°/h)
  • Vertical Gyroscopes (3 to 5°/mn)

Military GPS receivers

Thales Military GPS receivers are built on a SAASM design approved by the United States GPS WING (DoD). Our products offer secure and accurate positioning in high dynamics military environments with an outstanding jamming resistance as requested by the Navigation Warfare Program (NAVWAR).

  • Topstar 100-2
  • Topstar 100-3
  • 1000S SAASM board


Thales accelerometers are based on three in-house technologies: Electro-Mechanical, MEMS Quartz, and MEMS Silicium. Thales accelerometers are harsh environment proven and are calibrated for increased performance.

  • EMA 1000 (Biais: 50 to 180 µG)
  • A100 (Biais: 400 to 600 µG)


Thales offers a wide range of outstanding accurate and reliable products divided into six families such as:

  • Pitot
  • Static
  • Pitot static
  • Multifunction
  • Temperature
  • Angle Of Attack

Air data computer

Thales Air Data Computers are equipped with in-house Thales Pressure Sensors for increased efficiency and long-term stability. RVSM certified, highly accurate at low speed, Thales Air Data Computers are compatible with all ranges of altitude and speed and offer protection against blade modulation effects.

  • Air data computers (ADC)
  • Air data modules (ADM)

Press Releases

  • FSTA Makes Good Progress Towards Introduction to Service

    As we move closer towards the introduction to service of the future strategic tanker aircraft (FSTA) late next year, all major milestones for the development of the FSTA service by AirTanker Services (ATrS) have been met since the contract was signed two years ago. This important programme will p


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