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AOS Technologies

High-Speed Cameras and Digital Cameras for Airborne and Military Applications

Taefernstrasse 20,
5405 Baden - Daettwil,

AOS Technologies

AOS Technologies is a leading supplier in the design, manufacture and integration of high-speed cameras and digital cameras.

AOS Technologies provides customers with state-of-the-art technology in digital camera technology for use in demanding applications, such as mounted in or attached to aircrafts or unmanned combat air vehicles (UCAV).

The company’s activities in the aeronautical industry started in 2002 when it designed a digital high-speed camera for recording store separation tests during test flights. AOS Technologies soon became a reputable supplier for many governmental organisations as well as providing a wide variety of digital imaging systems to a commercial manufacturer.

The design of high-speed digital cameras and digital cameras for long-time recording systems in airborne systems is now AOS’s core competence. The camera designs meet MIL 810 and MIL 461 standards, and are tested by accredited test laboratories to ensure high-quality standards.

For special applications, we can provide turnkey solutions for video recording of specific tests or provide custom or semi-custom specific solutions such as data transfer via telemetry system to ground stations, including data processing in camera and bandwidth management for connection to telemetry systems.

High-speed digital camera systems for airforce applications

AOS’s high-speed airborne cameras have a reputation for reliable functionality under the most severe conditions. The high-speed cameras can record multiple sequences, store data in the cameras’ built-in non-volatile memory and provide data for later motion analysis in the lab. The cameras are all designed to meet MIL 810 standards and are built to meet the challenges of in-flight image data recording.

Digital camera for in-flight image data recording

AOS’s digital cameras provide superb specifications for mounting inside aircrafts. All cameras are available with different types of MIL-specified connectors for ease of integration. The cameras comply with GigE Vision standards and can record in standard speed ranges as well as in high-speed camera mode.

High-speed digital video recorder for aircraft

AOS’s high-speed streaming system provides full coverage with high frame rates of a complete mission. The data are streamed in high speed to a controller and are ready for analysis either after the mission on the ground, or for transfer via interfacing to the onboard telemetry link to ground station.

High-speed digital camera integration

For many applications, high-speed cameras need to be adapted for specific aircraft. AOS provides a special enclosure for cameras, as well as specific software functions, and an extension of functionality that is vital for the test set-up. In addition, AOS can support these solutions throughout their full lifecycle.

Customised in-flight image data solutions for aircraft

Based on its vast experience and involvement in many projects, AOS can offer a specific solutions system for high-speed image camera needs. Customised cameras can make an impact in acquiring in-flight image data , offering the perfect fit for each application, while remaining economical.

AOS has met the needs of many leading manufacturers for high-speed recordings of events during flights.

Standard data and communication standards

AOS cameras comply with IRIG-106 Chapter 10 data format as well as GigE Vision standards. Cameras compliant with these standards are much simpler to support and certify for quality assurance, as required under calibration procedures in ISO 9000.

About AOS Technologies

Founded in 1998, AOS Technologies is located in Baden, Switzerland, close to Zurich Airport. The company’s main activities are in the design and manufacturing of digital high-speed cameras for industrial, automotive and military applications. AOS’s worldwide renowned customer base has relied on its robustly built and well-designed cameras to carry out critical tests for many years.

H-EM 501

H-EM 501 is a high speed camera that connects directly to a recording device via Gigabit Ethernet link. The camera is configurable by software and can record a maximum of two megapixels up to 90fps.


The Q-EM is particularly suited for all applications where a rugged, shockproof and light sensitive yet compact camera is essential.


The Q-MIZE EM is particularly suited for all applications where a compact, portable, high-resolution camera is used under the most demanding environmental conditions.


The S-MIZE EM is a high-speed camera used under the toughest conditions, particularly equipped with functionality as a requirement in airborne store separation tests.

L-EM High Resolution Camera

The L-EM is the ultimate rugged, shockproof and high resolution camera. Tested to fulfill MIL 810 environmental specifications, the L-EM is ready to meet the most demanding applications in test ranges, when mounted on aircraft, or in other demanding environments.

Camera Design for Harsh Environments

AOS Technologies AG is a leading design house when it comes to digital camera design for use under extended environmental conditions such as experienced under flight conditions.

L-EM – High Speed Camera

The L-EM is the ultimate rugged, shockproof and high resolution camera. Tested to fulfill MIL 810 environmental specifications, the L-EM is ready to meet the most demanding applications in test ranges, when mounted on aircraft, or in other demanding environments.

Atlas V AFSPC-11 Mission

The Air Force Space Command (AFSPC)-11 is the latest surveillance mission of the US Air Force.

Pegaz Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

Pegaz is a long-range, tactical unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that Serbian aircraft and weapons designer Military Technical Institute Belgrade (VTI) is developing for the Serbian armed forces.

Leading High-Speed Cameras for Airborne and Defense Applications

The L-EM with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixel and a stunning speed of up to 2500 frames / sec bears all required features for test in defense related application. The internal backup battery safes image data against loss of power and allows up to 20 mins autonomous operation.

AOS Technologies AG

Taefernstrasse 20

5405 Baden - Daettwil