ASTREC-4 is a rugged, sealed camera controller that supports up to four H-EM high-speed streaming cameras. The unit is equipped with extensive non-volatile memory capacity for recording high-speed events for several hours.

Other sensor or data logger may be connected to the recorder upon request. With its cameras, ASTREC-4 can record events during a complete mission in high speed for later playback in slow motion for in-depth quantitative and qualitative analysis. Recordings providing a full coverage, especially in rotary-wing aircrafts, offer data for analysis that has not been possible before. Once the system is back, the storage bay can be removed for analysis in the lab. This grants fast turnaround time of the test vehicle.

Typical users are manufacturers of aircrafts, and test ranges for rotary and fixed-wing aircrafts. However, the ASTREC-4 streaming system is also compatible with applications for land-based tests. The four cameras generate a stunning data rate up to 3,000 frames / seconds per camera directly into the non-volatile storage of the controller. Through a HD-SDI output, a live view is available to see the image data stream while recording in remote places or have it connected to telemetry link for ground station view.

For synchronisation of the camera purposes, the built-in IRIG-B 122 receiver generates time stamps of every frame. The comprehensive Imaging Studio V4 software is ready for later data analysis, playing back and converting sequences into common movie formats. ASTREC-4 is tested and certified according to EMI 461 / MIL-810 and DO-160 standards.