UK Royal Air Force (RAF) Northolt has officially taken delivery of its second Envoy IV CC Mk1 jet transport aircraft.

The event marks the achievement of full-service capability for its newest Command Support Air Transport (CSAT) fleet.

Earlier in March, the RAF designated the Dassault 900LX as Envoy IV, followed by the aircraft’s first operational flight in June.

The new CSAT aircraft fleet will support timely and discreet air transport of high-priority military personnel and small mission-critical equipment to, from and within the operational areas.

RAF Air Mobility assistant chief-of-staff air commodore Martin said: “Establishing the new CSAT service with Envoy IV is the culmination of months of hard work on part of RAF, Defence Equipment & Support and our industry partners, Centreline AV.

“The aircraft will be working similarly hard to deliver UK influence and diplomacy around the world in coming months and years.”

The two aircraft have replaced the RAF’s fleet of BAe 146 military transport aircraft, which retired earlier this year.

The Envoy IV fleet is currently being operated by mixed crews from the RAF and civilian pilots with CSAT service provided by Centreline AV from RAF Northolt in West London.

The RAF’s crews from No 32 Squadron will start operating the aircraft solely from April 2024, after the aircraft is modified with military upgrades and obtains full military operational capability.

RAF Air Mobility Force commander air commodore Lyle said: “Integrating a new aircraft into the Air Mobility fleet is never an easy task, but our teams have pulled together magnificently to ensure it has been seamless.

“I would also like to pay tribute to Centreline AV who has been an exceptional industry partner.”