Robotic control systems developer Tomahawk Robotics has announced that it has integrated AeroVironment’s RQ-11 Raven uncrewed aircraft system (UAS) into the Kinesis Ecosystem.

The uncrewed system was integrated into Kinesis with AeroVironment’s Crysalis on Tomahawk Robotics’ KxM edge processor.

According to the Tomahawk Robotics website, Kinesis is an Android-based common control app that integrates with air and ground-based uncrewed systems and connects them to a suite of AI-enabled capabilities by pairing with a robotic platform.

The integration of RQ-11 will enable the operators to leverage the advantages of AeroVironment’s fixed-wing platform while controlling other robots through a single application.

The US Air Force (USAF) uses RQ-11B Raven for direct intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) operations, and target information.

Raven UAS has been used in military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

AeroVironment focuses on the development of UAS, tactical missile systems, uncrewed ground vehicles, and high-altitude pseudo-satellites.

These devices are used by the US Department of Defense and more than 50 allied nations.

In a statement, Tomahawk Robotics said: “Crysalis, a next-generation integrated hardware and software-based ground control system that enables third-party command and control of compatible AeroVironment UAS and their payloads through Crysalis, provides additional capability to the warfighter.”

The company will now integrate AeroVironment’s RQ-20 Puma into Kinesis through Crysalis.

Last year, AeroVironment launched standardised modular payload interface kits for RQ-20B Puma tactical UAS under orders from US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM).