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The Swedish Air Force has announced that four Russian fighter aircraft violated the country’s airspace on 2 March.

This incident, which involved two SU 27s and two SU 24s, was ‘brief’ and took place east of Gotland, out at the Baltic Sea.

The country’s air force executed an operation with the rapid readiness unit’s JAS 39 Gripen aircraft. Airmen of the unit recorded as well as photographed the event.

Swedish Air Force commander Carl-Johan Edström said: “This demonstrates that our readiness is good. We were on-site to secure the territorial integrity and Sweden’s borders. We have complete control of the situation.

“With the current situation as a backdrop, we take this incident very seriously. Russia’s conduct is unprofessional and irresponsible.”

The event is considered to be a serious concern by Sweden due to the current conflict in Ukraine.

Furthermore, Sweden and Finland have conducted a joint military preparedness exercise in the Baltic Sea.

The exercise saw participation from Swedish Gripen and Finnish F 18 fighter aircraft.

Sweden and Finland are not Nato members, but both countries are providing defence materiel to Ukraine.

Sweden Defence Minister Peter Hultqvist said: “The Swedish Government’s response to this crisis covers three areas: sanctions against Russia, support to Ukraine and strengthening Sweden. Joint exercises with Finland are an important part of strengthening Swedish defence. Those exercises increase our capability to take action together as neighbours if needed.”

Earlier, UK’s Royal Air Force (RAF) Typhoons started to patrol Nato airspace in response to the ongoing Ukraine crisis.