The Spanish Air Force has deployed its four Eurofighter aircraft to carry out combined missions with the German counterparts in the Baltics region.

The four Spanish fighter jets have already arrived at Ämari Air Base (AB) in Estonia.

This deployment comes in support of the German Air Force’s Eurofighters, that took over the charge of conducting Nato’s enhanced Air Policing (eAP) mission in the Baltics earlier this month.

As part of the latest deployment, the Spanish jets will perform close cooperation concept, known as Plug-and-Fight, which the German Air Force has initiated with other Eurofighter operators, including the Italian Air Force and the Royal Air Force (RAF).

The four Spanish Eurofighters will be integrated into the German detachment’s operations to carry out training sorties.

This training will prepare the deployed forces from both the countries to conduct combined quick reaction alert operations, which are scheduled to commence in early September.

Major Miguel Ángel López García said: “The Spanish Air Force participates with personnel assigned to 14th Wing mainly, with high level of preparation, professionalism, and responsibility, sharing maintenance techniques and materials, promoting interoperability of this advanced weapons system used in allied countries.”

Furthermore, utilising the combined fighter assets to perform  multinational eAP missions will enhance interoperability and cohesion among the allied and partner nations.

German Eurofighter detachment Commander lieutenant colonel Georg Hummel said: “We are confident, that we will be able to achieve goals set by our Air Chiefs for integration of Spanish assets into our running eAP mission in next weeks.

“Our goal is to establish guidelines, procedures, and tactics to enable a quick activation of multi-national Eurofighter elements ready for Nato employments in the future.”