Technology consulting company Raft has been awarded a new contract to support cloud-native product lines within the US Air Force’s (USAF) Kessel Run division. 

The value of the contract is $100m.

As the prime contractor, Raft will be responsible for the development of software applications that can be used for product discovery, design, management and engineering services capabilities in an agile and integrated manner.

Associated work under this contract will be carried out by the Virginia-based company in close coordination with the Air Force Life Cycle Management Centre’s (AFLCMC) Detachment 12 or Kessel Run.

Raft CEO and founder Shubhi Mishra said: “Raft is thrilled to grow our partnership with Kessel Run to further support the Operational Command and Control (Ops C2) and Wing Command and Control (Wing C2) product lines at Kessel Run, enabling both Air and All-domain C2 operations for our current and future warfighters.”

The USAF’s Kessel Run is a division that focuses on the development of a scalable software factory that can manufacture and operate different warfighting systems for effectively facilitating missions in a contested environment.

It comprises seven programmes and digital transformation initiatives that aim to deliver software solutions in terms of C2 capabilities.

According to Raft, Kessel Run has also adopted a new strategy to support the rapid delivery of programmes to minimise the overall acquisition burden across the division.

Raft chief technology officer Bhaarat Sharma said: “We continue to build on our engagement with Kessel Run by building operator-focused cloud-native product lines that improve both user experience and warfighters’ effectiveness.”

Last month, the USAF’s 705th Training Squadron announced the successful integration of Kessel Run application into its Lead Wing Command-and-Control Course curriculum.