The British Royal Air Force (RAF) is set to receive a deployable military radar system, the Long Tactical Range 25 (LTR25), from Spanish firm Indra.

Indra was chosen from a list of potential suppliers. Delivery of the advanced long-range air defence deployable radar system is anticipated to take place by the end of this year.

The LTR25 deployable military radar system, which is part of the family of Lanza radars developed by Indra, is known for its long-range detection capabilities, rapid deployment and ease of transportation.

The radar can be transported in aircraft such as the Lockheed C-130 Hercules.

The RAF can use the system for deployments outside the national territory to bolster the surveillance of a specific area on a ‘one-off basis’.

A UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) spokesperson told Air Force Technology: “The MOD invites industry to offer their products to fulfil defence needs in open competition. Capabilities are selected to meet the operational requirement at the best value for money for the taxpayer.”

In addition, LTR25 can serve as a backup in case one of the fixed radars is attacked or damaged.

“LTR25 can serve as a backup in case one of the fixed radars is attacked or damaged.”

The companies vying for the radar supply contract were informed about the requirements, including worldwide operation; self-sustainment; the capability to detect and track co-operative and non-co-operative targets, Jane’s reported citing a Ministry of Defence contracts bulletin.

Furthermore, the radar should support interoperability with UK or air command-and-control systems to enable compilation of the recognised air picture; and provide assured air traffic radar services. The radar can also withstand challenging atmospheric conditions.

Aside from the RAF, Indra supplies radar solutions for other NATO nations. The company has to date delivered more than 50 radars to several countries globally.

In September 2018 Indra received a contract to provide its early warning Lanza 3D Radar solution to the Royal Thai Air Force.

According to the firm, the Lanza radar systems are based on a fully modular and scalable architecture, both in terms of hardware equipment, and software packages capabilities.