Northrop Grumman has secured an order worth $85m for the production of FMU-139D/B general-purpose bomb fuses to increase the US Air Force (USAF) inventory.

As part of the order received from the US Navy, the company will produce the FMU-139D/B fuses at its Allegany Ballistics Laboratory (ABL) facility located in Rocket Center, West Virginia, US.

Northrop Grumman missile products vice-president Pat Nolan said: “The FMU 139D/B is highly survivable and suitable for penetrator weapons, offering flexibility and advanced capabilities.

“We will continue to make investments in sophisticated fuses to help ensure US warfighters and its allies are equipped with the best tools to complete their missions.”

The all-electronic bomb fuse FMU-139D/B offers increased performance at a reduced cost compared to other bomb fuses.

The new FMU-139D/B will now join three other bomb fuses, FMU-139C/B, FMU-152 and most FMU-143s, which are used in general-purpose bombs.

Northrop’s FMU-139D/B depends on electronics to arm and make the device safe. It can also be tested completely prior to its delivery to the customer.

In September last year, Northrop received its first production order from the US Navy to manufacture the FMU-139D/B suitable for many general-purpose bombs used by the US Department of Defense and its allied nations.

Last month, the USAF awarded a contract to Northrop to develop and demonstrate a Software Programmable Open Mission Systems Compliant (SPOC) open-architecture networking terminal.

During the same month, the airforce installed the company’s AN/APG-83 scalable agile beam radar (SABR) on select Air National Guard F-16 fighter jets.