Around 1,000 personnel from active-duty units of the US Air Force (USAF), National Guard, Navy and Marine Corps have commenced Exercise Northern Lightning 2022.

The latest iteration of this exercise is being conducted between 8 and 19 August, reported Wisconsin National Guard captain Jenna Lenski.

The annual multi-domain exercise is hosted by the Volk Field Combat Readiness Training Centre (CRTC) in Wisconsin.

This exercise is one of the seven Air National Guard’s (ANG) joint accredited exercises, conducted at a CRTC.

Northern Lightning exercise director colonel Ben Staats said: “We are thrilled to once again host the annual Northern Lightning exercise at Volk Field.

“Northern Lightning has evolved into one of the finest exercises in the nation, simulating offensive counter-air and surface-to-air attacks.

“Our goal is to provide a joint environment, where units from multiple branches of the US military can work together to accomplish training that is essential to their operational readiness.”

Northern Lightning is a joint training, tactical-level exercise, which allows participants to train in a simulated air battle space.

It allows participating pilots and aircrew to enhance their readiness by operating in a contested environment with electronic jamming, adversary aircraft, and simulated surface-to-air threats.

This year, the exercise involves the participation of a wide range of advanced aircraft, such as the F-22 Raptor, F-16 Fighting Falcon and F-35 Lightning II fighter aircraft.

Participating units also include the 128th Air Refueling Wing from Milwaukee; 115th Fighter Wing from Madison; 162d Wing from Tucson, Arizona; and 58th Fighter Squadron from Eglin Air Force Base (AFB).

Units from the 109th Air Control Squadron from Salt Lake City, Utah; Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 13 and Marine Air Control Squadron (MACS) 1 from Yuma, Arizona; are also participating in the exercise.