Leonardo and its consortium partners have unveiled a concept that is projected as a significant upgrade of the Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft’s Defensive Aids Sub System (DASS).

The EuroDASS consortium launched what is known as Praetorian Evolution, a concept of the future DASS system at the EuroDASS Future Capability user conference.

The consortium is a provider of the Praetorian DASS for the Typhoon aircraft. Other members in the consortium include Elettronica, Indra and Hensoldt.

Praetorian Evolution is being proposed as a solution to equip the aircraft with the capabilities to meet evolving air and surface threats, including networked, layered, Integrated Air Defence Systems (IADS).

The existing DASS solution offers protection from threats such as infrared (IR or heat-seeking) and radar-guided missiles.

Equipped with integrated sensors and jamming equipment, the system provides the pilots with situational awareness.

In a release, the EuroDASS consortium said: “The system has protected crews for over 20 years, including on peace-keeping operations in Libya and Syria. However, the Typhoon’s traditional position of air dominance could face threats in the future from the rapidly evolving nature of air and surface threats such as Integrated Air Defence Systems (IADS).

“Praetorian Evolution is the proposed roadmap to ensure the Typhoon retains its world-class level of protection for decades to come.”

The proposed DASS upgrade solution seeks to add significant capabilities to ‘keep the fighter at the heart of the future fleet mix, alongside fifth-generation and future platform’.

The enhancements are likely to include multi-platform electronic warfare and high-precision targeting.

Praetorian Evolution will feature all-digital architecture to enable future upgrades.

In June, stakeholders of the Typhoon jet signed contracts to study the long-term development of the aircraft and its engine in order to keep the advanced fighter operationally effective for decades to come.

The concept for Praetorian Evolution is part of the study contracts.