The French Air and Space Force has awarded a $35m contract to Curtiss-Wright for the delivery of aircraft arresting systems.

The contract has a ten-year performance period, during which the company will be responsible for providing analysis, logistics, maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services for the specialised arresting systems equipment.

Associated work will be carried out at Curtiss-Wright Arresting Systems’ facility in Merpins, France.

The latest contract comes after Curtiss-Wright completed the acquisition of French company Safran Aerosystems Arresting (SAA) in a $240m cash deal last July.

The new unit is currently operating under Curtiss-Wright’s EMS division in the Naval & Power segment.

Furthermore, this award falls under the French Government’s verticalisation initiative for defence contracts, allowing preference for a single point of contact for purchasing the same equipment.

Curtiss-Wright chairman and CEO Lynn Bamford said: “As a leading global supplier of military aircraft arresting systems and support capabilities, Curtiss-Wright is pleased to have the opportunity to build upon our existing relationship with the French Air and Space Force to provide aftermarket and logistical services to support the availability and longevity of its arresting capability.”

In another development, the French defence procurement agency Directorate General of Armaments (DGA) has taken the delivery of the 21st A400M Atlas aircraft.

The new aircraft features the latest DGA and military airworthiness authorities-certified advances, including an advanced self-protection suite to support tactical missions in contested scenarios and automatic terrain tracking capability at very low-altitude, in poor visibility conditions.

Following its delivery on 14 February, the aircraft will soon be stationed at the French Air and Space Force base in Orléans.

The DGA informed that all the Atlas aircraft delivered by Airbus since 2022 feature the final hardware development standard.