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Reutech Communications

Secure Radio Communications for Airborne, Naval and Land Forces

PO Box 285, New Germany, KwaZulu-Natal,
South Africa

Reutech Communications specializes in technologically advanced Secure Communication Systems for use on Airborne, Naval and Land based platforms providing total interoperability using a family of radio systems.

A division of Reutech and owned by Reunert Limited (JSE listed company) Reutech Communications has been a strategic supplier to the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) for over 40 years. The company is also an approved supplier to many international customers and OEMs.

Capabilities include the design, development and production to military standards as well as providing full turnkey solutions that are tailored to individual customer requirements.

Reutech Communications has a well established quality management system which enables the organization to meet and maintain stringent military standards. Reutech Communications is ISO9001:2000 accredited via BVC.

Software defined radios

The new generation product range includes software defined radios with embedded ECCM such as fast frequency hopping and high level encryption ensuring a secure link under hostile conditions, data link and networking capabilities to meet the ever demanding net-centric warfare requirements. The product range provides for Airborne, Ground based and Naval applications for a fully interoperable and integrated C2 network.

In order to facilitate customization of and upgrades to radio functionality, updated software may be downloaded externally. At all times, backwards compatibility with legacy equipment is ensured.

Tactical airborne transceiver

The ACR500 family of radios is a multi-mode, multi-band airborne transceiver operating in the 30 MHz to 420 MHz frequency range with excellent collocation capabilities simplifying the installation of multiple radios on a single platform. The transceiver is typically installed on fixed and rotary wing aircrafts providing air to air or air to ground communications.

The benefits associated with this software based transceiver includes embedded data link and networking capabilities allowing secure transmission of data communications to prevent eavesdropping and circumvent jamming. Forward Error Correction is employed to ensure robustness against channel impairments.

Typical applications include Virtual Radar where the position, velocity, and acceleration of each aircraft in a flight are transmitted to the other aircraft by means of the Master-less Ad-Hoc TDMA link. This allows each aircraft in the flight to ‘see’ the position of all the other aircraft on a display formatted to mimic airborne radars. This application is particularly useful on trainer aircraft (without a radar) and the display formatted to mimic that of the fighter aircraft the pilot will eventually transition to, thereby saving on the expense of a radar per trainer.

Command and control networks can be designed to allow targeting, threat and other operational information to be passed to the aircraft from ground stations via other airborne platforms, if necessary, while en route to a target.

Images (such as FLIR pictures) can be passed to sea or ground-based platforms thereby providing a beyond the horizon capability.

The ACR500 family of radios also provides the necessary outputs to control electronically tunable antennas and a fully synthesized auxiliary receiver covering 110 – 400 MHz or the traditional fixed channel guard receiver.

Static fixed installation transceiver

The FCR500 is a ground based radio operating from either mains or batteries and incorporates all the advanced features of the ACR500. This Transceiver is intended to provide reliable communications in critical ground-to-air situations such as ATC / mission control, radar, mobile air operation and naval applications. A 100% duty cycle allows continuous operation, whilst fast frequency hopping and high level encryption ensure a secure link under hostile conditions. Options exist for Local Front Panel Operation or Full Remote Control allowing easy integration into any system.

The FCR500 transceiver may also be configured as dedicated Transmitter FCT500 or Receiver FCR500 facilitating split site operation.

Man-portable transceiver

The MCR3005 is a V/UHF tactical man-portable radio designed for ground to air communications with rotary or fixed wing platforms. As the modern day soldier requires reliable, robust communications, the MCR3005 transceiver has been designed to deliver such superior performance, even in the harshest environments.

The MCR3005 is equipped with data link and networking capabilities enabling high data throughput, fast turnaround time and a simple interface to external applications.

Product support

Product support offers the customer complete turnkey solutions to ensure the service life and availability of our equipment. This includes maintenance and repair, operational and technical training, installation, commissioning, system integration and qualification. Facilities include O, I and D-level maintenance solutions to suit the customer’s operational requirements. Other activities include joint development partnerships and transfer of technology, ensuring local indigenization and economic stimulus in country.

National Advanced Surface to Air Missile System (NASAMS)

The National Advanced Surface to Air Missile System (NASAMS) is a medium-range, network-centric air defence system designed and developed jointly by Raytheon and Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace, primarily for the Royal Norwegian Air Force (RNoAF).

AT-6 Wolverine Light-Attack Aircraft

AT-6 Wolverine is a new light-attack and armed reconnaissance aircraft designed and manufactured by Beechcraft, a brand of Textron Aviation.

PHASA-35 Solar-Powered HALE UAV

PHASA-35 is a new high-altitude, long-endurance (HALE) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) being developed by BAE Systems in collaboration with Prismatic.

Anka-S Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Anka-S is the serial production variant of Anka medium-altitude, long-endurance (MALE) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which was developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) for the Turkish Armed Forces.

PD-1 Unmanned Aerial System

The People's Drone PD-1 unmanned aerial system (UAS) is designed and manufactured by UkrSpecSystems, a UAS producer based in Ukraine.

Mi-8AMTSh-VA Arctic Helicopter

Mi-8AMTSh-VA twin-engine helicopter is specially designed to perform the Russian Armed Forces’ missions in Arctic environmental conditions.

Mwari Light Multirole Aircraft

Mwari is a new light, multirole aircraft being developed by Paramount Group for armed forces across the globe.

Cardinal II Unmanned Aircraft System

Cardinal II is a small unmanned aircraft system (UAS) designed to provide combat troops and police forces with intelligence gathering, surveillance, tactical reconnaissance and target acquisition capabilities.

Mitsubishi X-2 Shinshin (ATD-X) Advanced Technology Demonstrator

Mitsubishi X-2 Shinshin, also known as ATD-X (Advanced Technology Demonstrator-X), is a stealth experimental technology demonstrator and research prototype designed to demonstrate technologies required for Japanese indigenous fifth-generation fighter aircraft, designated F-3.

Reutech Communications

PO Box 285, New Germany, KwaZulu-Natal



South Africa