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Certified Unmanned and Manned Avionics Software Development

(UN)MANNED provides certified unmanned and manned avionics software for aerial defence and commercial applications.


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(UN)MANNED provides certified unmanned and manned avionics software for aerial defence and commercial applications.

Avionics software development and design

(UN)MANNED understands that as avionics software becomes increasingly technical and complicated, the need for a simpler user interface is vital for operability. Our team of software developers has provided innovative advancements in user operability to professionals in the aerial industry, whether it is creating larger displays to list full information and sensor fusions for pilots, to enabling commercial aircraft companies to access more measurements of their aircraft during flight, to help them better manage their fleet.

Whatever the issue, (UN)MANNED staff have the industry knowledge and experience to advise clients on issues in their avionics software and offer solutions for improvement.

FAA and EASA aviation software certification

Every aviation software project must be certified by a national aviation authority, which can only be done by meeting all 71 objectives in the DO-178C standard. As a result, certification is cited as one of the most common reasons for delay in project management.

(UN)MANNED can assist in the creation of advanced avionics software that increases pilot safety.
The Sol software suite can help clients create advanced displays for aircraft and aviation systems.
(UN)MANNED has previously completed a full cockpit integration for the Zeppelin NT airship.
The Sol software system can also be operated on an ipad.
Sol can operate on the Barco PU-2000 cockpit display system.

While competitors offer automatic code generation to help combat the last-minute software changes that cause delays to the certification process, these only pertain to seven of the 71 objectives. (UN)MANNED’s software solution, Sol, however, offers a solution to all 71 objectives.

Using a pre-defined and pre-certified application, Sol is based on a formula that can be adjusted according to the amount of data required in a client’s particular project to produce the necessary input / output channels and widgets. (UN)MANNED personnel will analyse the results from the formula and advise clients on the correction order of execution of tasks for their project agenda.

Sol is a highly flexible software system that can adapt quickly to any changes that may arise in a project. (UN)MANNED’s experienced staff can re-evaluate inputs, outputs and formulas at high frequency whenever a new source of information is introduced. Unlike other custom-designed applications, Sol can also provide near real-time performance results for clients.

ARINC 661-compliant aviation software

With Sol’s pre-certification, development time is dramatically reduced, and constructing software systems such as a mission computer, primary flight display or data acquisition unit takes a more straightforward approach. The system does not require users to have advanced knowledge of mathematics, making it user-friendly, and it is fully compliant with ARINC 661, the cockpit display system standard. This feature enables clients to continue using their original screens and their existing tools, while providing widgets that can be customised without using any code writing.

Auto-generation of documents

Sol’s ability to meet all 71 objectives also makes it able to auto-generate all documentation required for certification. In addition to this, Sol provides the necessary means to provide extra information for projects, such as the schedule for PSAC, systems description or liaison permits.

The Sol software system reduces the number of steps taken to complete projects to DO-178C standard by automating the coding, unit testing and detailed specification processes. After that, it produces all the executed and associated DO-178C documentation.

Risk reduction and reduced time to market

With the Sol software system, the risk of certification is largely reduced for clients, as they can receive near real-time information about the state of their project. This factor, combined with the pre-certification of the system, makes it a safer option than other coding systems, and its streamlined approach to the steps in the DO-178C process and automatic generation of documentation helps clients get their product on the market in faster time. The flexibility of the system is well-suited for ever-evolving projects, and the simple user-interface allows clients to build more advanced systems without specialist knowledge.

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    All aircraft flying in controlled airspace require airworthiness certification. This requirement extends to all components related to safety of flight, and especially to software-driven hardware.

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