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Custom Avionics

All aircraft flying in controlled airspace require airworthiness certification. This requirement extends to all components related to safety of flight, and especially to software-driven hardware. The complexity of avionics design and certification, and the associated long-development cycle has traditionally required high budgets. This has limited aircraft designers in their capability of using custom avionics in new aircraft. The constraints of budget and time, combined with the unrelenting quality requirements, results in delayed projects and budget overruns. This significantly increases the risk of the overall aircraft programme. For new aircraft designs, particularly for low-volume series, a glass cockpit application usually becomes a patchwork of standard components coupled with some traditional instruments. But everything changes with the Sol avionics solution suite. Classical waterfall V-cycle is eliminated by going straight from high-level requirements to executable application. Sol is a high-level requirement language that is combined into a binary file. (UN)MANNED provides DO-254 pre-certified hardware, running the DO-178C preintegrated and pre-certified SolOS runtime. Simply upload the compiled high-level requirements to the Sol computer, and you are ready for integration testing. Any manufacturer can customise the avionics suite for their particular aircraft, for both manned or unmanned systems. Even small-volume series down to three aircraft had their custom-built EASA-certified avionics systems using (UN)MANNED Sol. For more information, please download this free white paper.

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