SolAero is the high-performance avionics computer in a small housing that can fit any
cockpit application.

SolAero has capabilities to drive dual screens at 4K resolution, high-performance video processing, a large number of discrete I/O and networking through several avionics buses. SolAero is particularly well suited to non-standard custom certifiable cockpit applications optimised for specific aircraft, even at low production volumes.

SolAero comes fully integrated with its SolOS operating system and executable. SolOS
provides built-in support for a large number of avionics interfaces and standards for Primary Flight Display, MFD, Navigation Display, Flight Management Systems, EICAS systems and therefore enables fully integrated cockpits for even small-volume or customised aircraft.

Development licences are available for our clients to customise SolAero to their final application on a range of commercial computer platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS. These commercial platforms also allow simulation, integration and user interface testing on non-certified platforms.

Key features and applications:

  • Powerful processor with quad-core ARM Cortex A53 as main processor
  • Independent safety processor
  • Designed as a fully airborne computer with DO-160G and DO-254 DAL-A certification
  • Fan-less, conduction-cooled and hermetically sealed aluminium case housing
  • Easy integration with fully pre-loaded software platform SolOS
  • Support for a large number of standard avionics interfaces
  • Powerful graphics processing for glass cockpit and trainer applications
  • Support for four-channel video input with high-speed FPGA-based processing
  • Support for non-certified video into certified cockpit with picture-in-picture
  • Certifiable fully integrated glass cockpits
  • Certifiable cockpit instruments
  • Certifiable UAV airborne flight computer
  • Certifiable airborne data processing
  • Interfacing legacy video to certified cockpit applications
  • Certifiable artificial intelligence support for airborne autonomous flight and decision making