The US Air Force (USAF) is set to phase out the Multi-Domain Warfare Officer (13O) career field to focus on training in multi-domain capabilities.

The phase-out will involve 136 Total Force Airmen assigned in the active component, Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve.

Air Force staff chief general CQ Brown, Jr said: “We must be prepared to face future conflicts with our joint and combined partners, and the knowledge Multi-Domain Warfare Officers bring to the fight is too critical to confine to a single career field.

“To continue outpacing near-peer adversaries, we must reinforce all Air Force members’ multi-domain expertise.”

The USAF will work to improve its professional education and force structure.

This will allow the airmen to apply operational concepts and contribute to Joint All-Domain Operations instead of focusing on one core Air Force Specialty Code.

Eligible officers are scheduled to meet the LAF-X Colonel central selection board between 29 March to 14 April 2022, following which the transition will be initiated.

Multi-Domain Warfare Officers will receive guidance from commanders during the reassignment process.

US Air Force operations staff deputy chief and training and readiness director major general Albert Miller added: “We want to utilise the depth of knowledge and experience that our Multi-Domain Warfare Officers bring to the fight and to the maximum extent possible need their help to train and educate Airmen to fight and win against a peer threat in all domains.”

In 2018, the Multi-Domain Warfare Officer (13O) career field was formed under the Multi-Domain Command and Control Implementation Plan.