Air forces of the US, Canada, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic have successfully completed a three-week-long multi-lateral integration and training exercise, named Operation Forward Tiger.

The exercise, which concluded on 4 March, aimed to enhance interoperability between the US Air Force (USAF), Jamaica Defense Force (JDF), Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and the Dominican Republic Air Force (FARD).

The exercise involved deployment of around 350 personnel from the USAF’s 23rd Air Expeditionary Wing (AEW) to Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica.

In addition, the participating air assets from the USAF included C-130 Super Hercules tactical transport aircraft, A-10C Thunderbolt II and C-17 Globemaster III strategic airlift transport aircraft.

The exercise allowed participating airmen to develop skills on various lead wing concepts and undertake combined realistic training missions as allied nations.

It also enhanced the humanitarian assistance and disaster relief capabilities of the forces, while allowing them to execute various agile combat concepts that train personnel to quickly deploy in any theatre of operations. This enables the forces to establish command and control, logistics and communication capabilities, while at the same time supporting multi-level training and integration between forces.

23rd AEW vice commander colonel Sean Baerman said: “From a strategic perspective, we integrated and trained alongside partner nations, provided US airpower for an international air show and brought fighter forces to the Southern Command area of responsibility – something that is rarely done.

“Tactically, we worked with over the horizon intel taskings, strike coordination and reconnaissance, air operations in maritime surface warfare, close air support, dissimilar air combat, air drops and airfield seizures.”

The participants were also provided crucial training operating throughout the Caribbean region that offered small and dynamic targets, increasing the difficulty for personnel to strike the enemy.