The US Air Force (USAF) has completed another successful hypersonic air-launched rapid response weapon (ARRW) test.

The test was performed off the coast of Southern California on 12 July.

The ARRW Booster Test Flight-3 was the third release demonstration and marks the completion of the booster test series.

It was the 12th flight test conducted under the ARRW programme.

During the test, the AGM-183A weapons system, after being released, attained a hypersonic speed, which is five times greater than the speed of sound.

According to the USAF, the AGM-183A ARRW was able to meet the primary and secondary objectives.

Armament Directorate programme executive officer brigadier general Heath Collins said: “This was another important milestone for USAF’s first air-launched hypersonic weapon.

“The test successfully demonstrated booster performance expanding operational envelope.

“We have now completed our booster test series and are ready to move forward to all-up-round testing later this year. Congratulations to the entire ARRW team, your dedication and expertise are what got us here.”

Developed by Lockheed Martin, the AGM-183A ARRW provides the capability to destroy time-sensitive and high-value targets.

The weapon system also enhances the capabilities of precision-strike weapon systems, allowing rapid response strikes against heavily defended land targets.

The latest test comes after a successful flight test, which was performed at Edwards Air Force Base (AFB) in California on 14 May.

The previous test demonstrated the weapon’s ability to collect crucial data to be used in future flight tests.

It validated the ability of the ARRW to attain operational hypersonic speeds and safe separation from aircraft to hit the designated target from afar.

In 2019, the USAF conducted the first hypersonic weapon system test on B-52 Stratofortress aircraft.