US Air Mobility Command’s (AMC) battle staff members have carried out a three-day mobility generation exercise to practise critical interoperability skills.

The exercise was conducted at AMC headquarters at Scott Air Force Base (AFB) in Illinois, US.

The training involved simulation of the rapid deployment process of mobility air forces (MAF) in response to a simulated emergency/crisis situation in the Indo-Pacific region.

Performing in a simulated environment allowed the participants to practise the required actions to quickly position the MAFs to undertake the operation as soon as a crisis in the region happens.

AMC Operational Planning and Sensitive Activities Division chief colonel Daniel Cordes said: “This exercise is designed to get headquarters staff, air operations centre and subordinate units familiar with executing AMC Competition Execution Order.

“That order rapidly and deliberately sets command on a crisis response footing through a series of predetermined actions down to the wing level.”

During the exercise, the participants were deployed as Commander’s Battle Staff to complete key tasks as the US Transportation Command’s air component.

Participants were required to assess the distance that the MAFs may encounter in a high-end combat scenario in the Indo-Pacific region.

Simulation software was also run by the AMC’s analysis and studies directorate to familiarise the participating staff members with the operational environment change. 

Furthermore, the participants also applied the available skills, tools and best practices that were assimilated during recent operations, including Operation Allies Refuge and the US mission supporting Ukraine.

Following the latest simulated training, the AMC is now planning to physically deploy the staff, cargo and aircraft into the Indo-Pacific region to practice all manoeuvres. This will be conducted as the next phase of the exercise.