Serco has been awarded two new contracts to provide its general purpose support equipment (GPSE) test sets to the UK and Spanish Air Forces.

The UK Royal Air Force’s (RAF) contract involves the delivery of latest version of the GPSE, which is an automatic test system (ATS), to upgrade the existing support capabilities for the entire Typhoon fighter aircraft fleet.

Under the second contract with Spanish Air Force, Serco will integrate additional Pylon and High Pressure Pure Air Generator (HiPPAG) test functionality with the existing GPSE test sets based at the Moron and Albacete air bases.

Work associated with the two contracts will be performed by the company’s Design, Integration and Test (DIT) team, which is based out of Waterlooville, Hampshire.

Since 2005, this DIT team has been working on the development of support solutions for the Typhoon aircraft fleet.

Serco UK defence business interim managing director Keith Hillas said: “These new contracts underpin Serco’s growing reputation as a first-class supplier of armament support equipment for modern aircraft.

“They increase our provision of testing for Eurofighter and Typhoon fleets across Europe and supports our journey to becoming the favoured supplier of armament support equipment for the Typhoon programme.”

Serco’s GPSE was initially developed as a general-purpose ATS for the UK Royal Navy (RN) and the RAF to support nearly 130 assemblies equipped with around six different types of aircraft.

Following its use with British aircraft, the GPSE has replaced around nine different pieces of support equipment with a single box solution.

According to Serco, the GPSE solution’s use has minimised the overall operating costs for the UK Ministry of Defence and for other Nato allied and partner nations’ air forces.