Rosoboronexport is set to showcase the Yak-130 combat-trainer and MiG-29M multirole frontline fighter aircraft at the Mexico Aerospace Fair FAMEX-2019.

The exhibition is being held at AFB 1 in Santa Lucia, Mexico, until 27 April.

The company sees the fair as an opportunity to attract potential buyers as it aims to export a range of military products to Latin American countries.

In addition to the Yak-130 and MiG-29M, the company is keen to secure customers for the Mi-17V-5 and Mi-171Sh military transport helicopters, Mi-35M attack helicopter with troop-carrying capacity, Mi-28NE and Ka-52 gunships, as well as Ka-226T light multipurpose helicopter.

Rosoboronexport director general Alexander Mikheev said: “Rosoboronexport takes consistent steps to strengthen its positions in Latin America.

“We are going to keep cooperating with Latin American countries to the extent of supplying the whole range of military products, including modern Russian weapons, advanced drones, air defence platforms and ammunition among them.

“In a number of states in the region, we already demonstrated our expertise in construction of aftersales infrastructure to maintain supplied equipment and train personnel.”

“Rosoboronexport is also looking into the export potential for the Orlan-E, Orlan-10E, and Takhion unmanned aircraft systems.”

This marks the second time Rosoboronexport will take part in FAMEX.

The company will set up a joint expo with fellow Russian companies, including Russian Helicopters. Together, the firms will display more than 200 pieces of military equipment.

Rosoboronexport is also looking into the export potential for the Orlan-E, Orlan-10E, and Takhion unmanned aircraft systems.

The expo will also feature Pantsir-S1 gun-missile system, Viking and Buk-M2E surface-to-air missiles (SAMs), as well as Verba and Igla-S man-portable air defence missile systems (MANPADS).

The company is aiming to supply systems for the military equipment demand from agencies fighting crime, terrorism and drug trade in the region.

Rosoboronexport expects increased demand from customers for the BTR-80A/82A personnel carrier, assorted small arms and grenade launchers, Tigr-M and Typhoon vehicles.