RAPIDFire air gun

Thales has unveiled RAPIDFire, a new multi-weapon air defence system, at the Eurosatory 2012 Land and Airland Defence and Security international exhibition in Paris.

The system forms part of its recently launched air defence solutions package, which is designed to counter various types of air threats including fighter ground attack, helicopters, unmanned air vehicles, cruise missiles or precision guided munitions.

RAPIDFire combines the CONTROLMaster 60 surveillance radar with the CONTROLView command and control module. These are integrated with the multi-sensor stabilised optronic sighting system and the CT40 gun from CTAI, an international subsidiary of Nexter and BAe Systems.

Thales Group Land Defence Division senior vice president, Alex Cresswell, said RAPIDFire’s combination of mobility with fast action-time and its precision attack features provide the perfect solution for protecting troops on the move.

"RAPIDFire will be a key element in our extensive package of advanced air defence solutions for many years to come," said Cresswell.

The RAPIDFire system is also capable of firing the STARStreak missile system, a short-range surface to air defence missile system, which has a speed in excess of Mach 3.5 and a range of around 7km.

Capable of using different ammunition types, the gun can be employed against a range of ground-based targets, including armoured platforms for self protection of the system.

Thales has so far delivered more than 450 RAPID family mobile integrated weapon systems to a number of customers worldwide.

Image: Thales Group’s newly launched RAPIDFire multi-weapon air defence system. Photo: courtesy of Thales.