The European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS) has said that it will offer its new advanced A330 MRTT at a competitive price to India for the reopened multibillion-dollar contract.

India will buy six additional air-to-air refuellers to strengthen its fleet of six Russian IL-78 tankers, according to the Hindu.

The company said the A330 MRTT will be equipped with the aerial refuelling boom system (ARBS), technology that will enable refuelling in adverse weather, day or night.

The A330 MRTT will also use the stereoscopic vision and laser-based infrared lighting system.

Airbus Military defence capability marketing vice-president Peter Scoffham said the new technology on offer to India would bridge the gap between strategic and tactical tankers.

India has issued a fresh request for proposals (RFP) for six in-flight refuelling aircraft, reviving the tender worth Rs60bn ($1.3bn) that was cancelled in January.