The UK Government’s decision to reduce the number of fighter jets in the Royal Air Force will make the UK vulnerable to a terror attack similar to 9/11, according to a senior RAF officer.

Military Aviation Authority director general Air Marshal Tim Anderson said this to MPs as the RAF prepares to face deep cuts in next week’s strategic defence and security review.

Anderson told parliamentarians that high-end aircraft, such as Tornados and Typhoons, facing reduction were critical to the nation’s air defence, according to

The entire fleet of 120 GR4 Tornado fighter jets will be scrapped to save £7.5bn ($11bn) over the next five years.

Under the plan, the number of Eurofighter Typhoons will be reduced from 160 to 107 planes based at a single RAF air field to save £1bn ($1.5bn).

The entire fleet of 36 Hercules transport aircraft will be phased out and replaced by 22 new A400M planes.

The UK Government has decided to cut aircraft strength across all three military services to contain the country’s increasing deficit.