The Turkish Air Force will receive the first KT-1T basic trainer, jointly produced by Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) and Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), in October 2010.

KAI was awarded a $350m contract in 2007 by the undersecretariat for defence industries to produce 40 KT-1Ts for the Turkish Air Force.

The Turkish version of KAI’s KT-1 Woongbi, the KT-1T, will include special modifications as required by the Turkish Air Force.

Powered by a turboprop engine, the KT-1T has a length of 10.3m and a wingspan of 10.6m, and is designed for two crew members, an instructor and a student.

With a maximum speed of 350kt, the trainer can fly a range of 900nm at a maximum altitude of around 11,600m.

KAI will complete the deliveries in June 2012, replacing the aging US T-37 basic trainer aircraft in the Turkish Air Force’s inventory.