Aircraft manufacturers have been discussing the offsets for Brazil’s KC-390 project at a meeting on 25-26 May 2010.

KC-390 project technical manager Colonel Adalberto Zavaronis said offsets were intended to allow the overcoming of technical and logistical obstacles.

The offsets will include staff training, technology transfer, joint development of systems and supply of machine tools.

Institute of Development and Industrial Coordination (IFI) Col. Alfonso Rodrigues said that offsets would not be pursued for their own sakes.

“Offsets will bring innovation, feasibility and reliability,” he said.

The Brazilian Air Force will induct the KC-390 aircraft to enhance its operational capabilities for missions such as transport, refuelling and humanitarian relief.

With capacity for 80 troops or a total load of 19t, the KC-390 will also be available for moving troops, search and rescue, tactical air assault and airborne release of cargo.

In 2009, the Air Force Command signed a contract with Embraer for the KC-390, which will eventually replace the air force’s C-130 Hercules.