BAE Systems is to use Presagis modelling and simulation software to enhance the level of training for the UK Royal Air Force (RAF) aircrew and forward air controllers.

The UK-based company will use Vega Prime and Creator software to create and display terrain and entities to provide a synthetic emulation of an advanced airborne targeting pod for the training.

Part of BAE’s integrated aircrew training (IAT) programme, the software will integrate live, virtual and constructive elements into increasingly complex training environments including electronic warfare and air-to-air combat.

BAE will use the Vega Prime camera to simulate the aircraft’s pod image.

Vega Prime FX will add special effects including simulated explosions, missile trails and fire to the scenario and increase the reliability of the simulation.

Vega Prime large area database management (LADBM) module will ensure the simulation runs smoothly and eliminates the jitter normally experienced during manually loading of databases.

Creator Pro and Creator Terrain Studio will be used to create models within the scenario including urban landscapes, aircraft and vehicles.

To develop the vast urban terrain of 8,000 buildings, pre-processed shape files will be used to automatically generate the models in Creator Terrain Studio.

In June 2008, the RAF tested the multiplayer system in Warton, UK, by using a Tornado GR4 aircraft equipped with an emulated advanced targeting pod.