The second A400M military transport aircraft successfully completed its maiden flight on 8 April.

The aircraft, known as MSN2 ,is the second of five aircraft that will take the 3,700-hour flight test programme before the initial delivery.

It can carry heavy flight test instrumentation and will be primarily dedicated to aircraft and powerplant performance testing.

During the flight, the MSN2 took off from Seville, Spain, with a take-off weight of 128t at 15.15 local time (GMT +2) and landed back at Seville four hours and 50 minutes later.

The aircraft and its four Europrop International TP400D turboprop engines performed in line with expectations during the test.

The A400M can travel further and faster, and carry larger payloads than most current airlifters.

It can refuel fighters, helicopters and other large aircraft at preferred speeds or heights.