Lockheed Martin has successfully completed a series of six flight tests of the Paveway II Plus laser-guided bomb (LGB).

During the test at Eglin Air Force Base, the LGB systems were launched from altitudes ranging from 10,000ft to 30,000ft against a 24ft×24ft billboard target angled at 45°.

A pair of F-16D Viper aircraft were used to release two GBU-10s and four GBU-12s equipped with MAU-209C/B computer control groups.

The Paveway II Plus LGB uses an enhanced laser guidance kit that significantly improves precision and initiates laser acquisition at the expected time to guide the bomb to its intended target.

The guidance kits improve weapon accuracy and reduce risk by converting gravity weapons into precision-guided munitions.

Each LGB guidance kit includes a computer control group, which is the front-end guidance system, and an air foil group that adds stability fins on the back of each weapon.

The kits are fully compatible and interoperable with existing Paveway II LGB logistics infrastructure, equipment, procedures and aircrew operations.