A new air surveillance squadron, which will operate a fleet of modified Gulfstream G550s and be based at Nevatim Air Base, has been launched by The Israeli Air Force (IAF).

The Nachshon squadron will operate the Eitam AEW aircraft and the Shavit ELINT aircraft, both modified from the Gulfstream G550 business jet, according to Flightglobal.

The Eitam is equipped with an EL/W-2085 multisensor suite, which includes four conformal L and S-band radars, communication and electronic support measures, and communications intelligence.

It also includes the capabilities of the ELINT platform, and identification friend or foe equipment.

The surveillance data gathered from Eitam’s multisensor suite is fused and continuously cross-correlated to search for specific targets within 360° coverage.

Eitam uses four main active electronically scanned array antennas, mounted on its fuselage, to enable wide-area coverage and instantaneous focus on selected targets of interest.

The Eitam can fly above 41,000ft for over nine hours.

The ELINT Shavit aircraft carries a comprehensive self-protection system.