Thales has awarded RUAG Aviation a contract to produce a subassembly for the RBE2 radar for France’s Rafale fighter jet.

Under the contract, RUAG will produce the highly complex wired-back structures linking the individual modules together and connect the radar to the airframe.

The Radar à Balayage Electronique 2 (RBE2), developed by Thales, has an antenna that performs active electronic scanning in two planes.

The new technology will provide Rafale jets with a decisive advantage in terms of operating efficiency and reliability.

The Sfr5.5m ($5m) contract has been awarded to RUAG based on a cooperation agreement signed between the two companies in May 2009.

Delivery of the first radar is planned in the middle of 2011, following which, it will be integrated into the Rafale jet for the French market.

Rafale is a twin-engined delta-wing agile multi-role 4.5th-generation jet fighter aircraft.

The Swiss Air Force is expected to take delivery of the first Rafale aircraft from France by the end of 2011.